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Ivana winds up stepping into the lead on Apex, telling them that she thinks the theme of "fit" that they've hit on is the right one. Kelly makes a note and circles something in his little book, because that's what Kelly does. I have a feeling that if you looked at his notes, things would be underlined several times. In red. Kevin says that his idea is to show that "there is a cut for everyone." Well, at least for everyone who's sex-ay! Ivana gets an idea (I know!), which is to do not just a traditional catalog, but a "fit wheel," where you spin the wheel around to reveal the different fits that are available. I could have lived all my life without hearing Ivana cheerfully interview about her "jeans selector," but it's still better than nothing, inspiration-wise. Despite the fact that the wheel idea makes a lot of sense, particularly if you're trying to emphasize variety in styles, Jen stares blankly at Ivana as if it's completely baffling. ["I got the sense that she understood it perfectly; she was just trying to buy herself time to come up with a better idea with which she could then make Ivana look bad. Which I support, because shut up, Ivana. That, or Ivana explained it crappily, because…she's Ivana." -- Sars] Ivana interviews that poor Jen "is not used to thinking five steps ahead." You know, like Ivana is. She goes on to snot that Jen may be a great corporate lawyer, but she's not an "out-of-the-box thinker." Sometimes, I think I just want to be in the box. Kelly gets the wheel idea, Kevin gets it...Jen just keeps playing with her hair and looking like it's all really dumb. But is she offering up any alternatives? Does she ever?

At the Mosaic team meeting, Wes is telling everyone that they're still a good, strong team, in spite of the fact that Kelly isn't with them anymore. He's like the scrawny second-stringer after the bulky quarterback leaves, crying to the team all, "You guys, we can still win! You guys!" Sandy explains that Wes was picked for PM at random, and then we watch Wes tell the team that the task will be won based on "creativity." Uh-oh. It's always bad when they try to get into "creativity," as opposed to, like, "hygiene" and "breathing" and other things they have a shot at getting right. He doesn't seem to know it yet, however, and specifically talks about how they will be able to rely on Maria's "expertise" and "mind for fashion." And of course, Maria is all pumped up over the fashion task she won as PM last time, despite the fact that -- as I stated at the time -- those clothes were ugly and not that exciting, and had the guys not screwed the pooch on the pricing, she might not have even won. And then Maria starts to be all, "I see three core elements," blah blah blah, and Wes says something about finishing what they're doing and not getting off track quite yet. At which point Maria starts blinking, as usual, and says with her tight little smile, "I wasn't going to get us off track, I was just saying that there three core blah blah blah..." He asks her to just get on with the three things, then. She claims that it's going to be the photo shoot, and there will be models, locations, and clothing, but I'm not sure those are really the three things. I'm not sure we got to see the three things. Now I'll never know! She then brags in an interview about how she has all this expertise in "advertising, layout, and design." Maybe those are the three things! Anyway, she proudly tells us that nobody else in the group has that "skill set." I swear, whoever taught these people to say "skill set" needs to be choked with a tie with the Wharton emblem on it. She also tells the team that she'll be pushing the group outside of its comfort zone, and getting "outside the box," of course. So we will all hope that we are not comfortable only outside the box, because if we are, Maria's head will explode from the paradox. Sandy explains that Maria is definitely looking to be the big boss, but Sandy thinks Mosaic is bright enough for everybody to contribute without quite so much bossy from the Blinker. "It would be an awful, stupid, ridiculous idea to just leave Maria in charge of it." Heh -- tell us what you really think, Sandalita.

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