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Andy and Sandy, meanwhile, are coaxing Maria to move things along, because they still have some jeans to get through, and they've only really got time for about five or seven shots per setup. Andy continues to try to step in, and Maria says -- in a voice reserved for teachers, snotty aunts, and beauty pageant contestant chaperones -- "Andy, please." He persists, moving on to Wes and saying that Wes, as the PM, really needs to do something. This is very mysterious to me, the way Wes clearly can't stand Maria, but is very hands-off in the way he approaches her. It's weirdly prickly in a way I don't totally get. In an interview, Andy says -- entirely correctly -- that a big part of a short task like this is time management, and they can't stand around taking fifty shots of every setup if they're going to finish on time. He reiterates that he told Wes over and over again that he needed to get a handle on the situation with Maria. "Otherwise," he quotes himself as saying to Wes, "she'll never respect you and she'll walk all over you."

Wes steps over at last and tells Maria that they need to move along. "I understand; I understand," she says. "Do not get in my freakin' face." He tries to continue to talk to her, and she points her finger about an inch from his face and says, "I understand. Back off." And I have to say that I...don't understand. If he's so scared of her that he's afraid of approaching her, how does she feel comfortable enough with him to point in his face like that? I can't figure out their dynamic at all. Anyway, Sandy tells us that she thought Wes didn't do enough to contain Maria. "I would have been like, 'You, outside,'" she says. Heh. I'm kind of sorry that didn't happen. Because, hey, one of them would wind up with a black eye, and that's a no-lose situation if ever there was one. Sandy correctly points out that Wes needed to put his foot down and tell her that he was the PM, and if he said to hurry up, she had to hurry up.

Maria, helped by the editors who clearly love her (heh) in her quest for infamy, is seen trying to explain what she wants by saying, "Give me bitchy or give me death." The fact that the business world contains people who say things like that is the main reason why I have never been remotely tempted to enter it.

We return to find Mosaic in a meeting, with the giant Yellowfin Graphics logo in the back, in case you missed their early product placement. Maria is in that dumb-ass shiny jacket again, and she explains that she spoke to the graphic designers about the layout. My favorite part of this entire episode is how Andy is hanging back the whole time, laughing at Maria. It makes me giggle every single time. Maria lectures the rest of the team that she needs "time by ourselves" with the designer. Wes, Sandy, and Andy leave Maria alone with the designer, as Wes tries to calm Sandy, who is annoyed as all hell with being dismissed by someone as dumb as Maria. And I don't blame her a bit. Sandy can't understand how Maria can object to having other people at least present while she works. Maria is losing her marbles.

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