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A bit later, Maria brings the work in to show it to Sandy, and she cannot understand how Sandy doesn't think that having Maria ferry the product back and forth and give them all a chance to consult isn't just as good as all of them working on it together. Unbelieeevable. Boyfriend Bill wanders by and sees Maria and Sandy yelling at each other. Oh, and Andy. Trying not to laugh. But as amused as he is, Andy also has a perfect bead on what went wrong. "This fight never would have occurred if Wes, in the beginning, had not been afraid to say no to Maria when she needed it." He goes on to say that furthermore, even if there's a fight, it should last 30 seconds, not the 20 minutes that it actually did. We watch as Sandy tells Maria that she has a track record of being really bossy, owning everything, and not being willing to delegate. Maria makes an exaggerated "What are you talking about?" face. "You want to be totally accountable for the win, but not for the loss," Sandy says, and she is so spot-on that it almost makes Maria's head fall off. But in an interview, Maria assures us that it's just that Sandy is unprofessional. Heh. "It angers me to be called a control freak, because I'm just quite simply not," she says. Blink-blink-blink-blink-blink. Hee. That was one of the funniest contestant interview moments I've ever seen.

Sandy tells Maria that she doesn't appreciate being made to feel useless, or being "dismissed from a room." Maria nods in mock agreement, claiming that she totally sees Sandy's point. "Sandy, I would like to apologize to you," she says in that phony way that indicates that she's warming up to prove, in her own mind, that she's been right all along. "Will you forgive me and not bring this up anymore?" See? Maria is so sorry that she just wants to make sure everyone understands that what's really unreasonable is the way Sandy keeps bringing it up. Sandy asks not to be sent out of rooms in the future, and Maria says condescendingly, "I will never dismiss you again from another room." And now, Maria? Starts to cry. "Just know that you've beaten me down when all I wanted was to give you something that you could rip apart." Andy is looking all somber, but I still get the sense that he really, really wants to crack up. "I am constantly reminded that no one is my friend," Maria interviews. My God, I WONDER WHY. Her taking this so personally seems incredibly bizarre to me. She wanders away from the meeting with her team, telling us how she's here to win, not to feel good. And it's a good thing, because she looks like she's about to go bonkers.

Apex is at the graphic design place. Ivana checks out the fit wheel, which looks pretty good. What's more, as she's looking at a graphic of a pocket, she gets the idea of packing the fit wheel in a mock-up of a Levi's pocket. I find her unrelentingly annoying, but I will give Ivana this much -- she was right on target through this whole task, because this is a pretty good idea, too. Meanwhile, Jen is working on the presentation, I think, saying that if she could see the product, she would find it "inspirational." Kevin interviews that Jen was basically "useless" on the task, so he wound up giving her busywork to keep her out of the way. Well, when she wasn't showing her ass, because she was useful in that regard. Her ass was useful! As the team reviews the pictures, somebody asks whether they should call Jen to look, and Kevin says, "No. 'Cause you've got 15 minutes." Ivana pipes up, "With every task, she just gets more blonde and blonde." Which would be a harmless cut, except that...Carolyn is sitting right there when she says it. Psst, Ivana: Before you insult blondes, check the room for any that could get you fired. Just a hint, girl to girl.

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