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Next to visit is Apex, all decked out in Levi's-wear. Kevin jumps into the presentation, and his approach is very fired-up. In fact, it's so fired up that he goes into an almost immediate flop sweat of epic proportions. What the hell is going on there? It's like he's got a gland problem. Have we ever seen that before? Is that nerves? Because...mercy, that's a lot of sweat. Jen talks about how "aggressive" he was in the presentation, and she seems to be trying to come up with something to say besides how sweaty he got, though she mentions that, too. ["Maybe it's just me, but he seemed to be talking too loudly as well. I would have felt a little uncomfortable with the, er, forcefulness of that presentation if I were on the other side of the table." -- Sars] Mercifully, Kevin hands over the presentation to Ivana before he starts dripping on the table. Ivana starts by glorifying the butt and even turning around to indicate her own, which normally you wouldn't do, but since she's wearing the Levi's and her catalog is based around the back pocket, I don't think it's too bad. Plus, the people make jeans. They're not precious about asses, believe me. Ivana unfolds the pocket catalog, and this is where you find the shots of the different folks in jeans. BLG chuckles over the fact that they used themselves in the catalog. Ivana also shows off the fit wheel, and the way you spin it around to look at the different styles.

BLG asks how they came up with their idea, which really gives Ivana an opportunity -- which she deserves -- to talk about her creativity a little bit, because she was indeed the creative force on the task. But Jen jumps in and steps all over Ivana's shit, trying to explain how they came up with the idea, even though she didn't even initially understand it. Nice. Ivana's frustration is quite evident. Kevin interviews that this was a pretty punk move on Jen's part, since it was Ivana's idea and he feels like Jen tried to suck off some of the credit for it. Which she did. Ivana says that she actually waited for an opening and then jumped in to try to explain her idea from her own perspective. I can't stand either of these women, so I can barely bring myself to care, but Jen is really beginning to ramp up this thing she has about doing nothing but talk a good game all the time. BLG winds up telling them that he thinks they did really well.

And now Trump arrives with Melania. Who, incidentally, is wearing Levi's as well. Of course, BLG compliments Melania on how she looks in her jeans. Because when a guy brings his girlfriend to meet you, the thing to say, pretty much, is, "Great ass!" BLG tells Trump that things went fine with the teams, and that they're about to bring them in for the results. The teams return. BLG starts off by saying that Apex did very well with the pocket, which emphasizes the butt-centric culture of a jeans company, as well as with the fit wheel, which communicates that there are a variety of cuts available. "You nailed that perfectly," he says. He doesn't think it's quite sexy enough, but still very good. As for Mosaic, he thinks they, on the other hand, did well communicating sexiness. However, they didn't do as well at communicating the range of styles, and they didn't provide anything that would tend to communicate that young and old, male and female customers can all find something that's to their liking. In other words, Apex wasn't sexy enough, and Mosaic was too sexy to the exclusion of the more department-store aspect of Levi's jeans. It's such a double-edged sword, the sexiness. Ultimately, because of the weaknesses in the Mosaic presentation, the winner is Apex. In a particularly bad moment, Trump asks BLG who on the Apex team he thinks did the best job. Of course, BLG only saw the presentations, it appeared, so he has very little to go on. And whom does he single out? Jen. AAAARGH. Ivana seethes, and again, although I hate her and sort of think she deserves it for her many weeks of refusing to take responsibility for anything, I still feel for her, because...AAAARGH. And Trump congratulates Jen, telling her that all her education "finally" paid off.

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