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The Croc And The Rat

Back in the board room, Vinnie is explaining that he doesn't like the environment, with all the fighting. "You wake up in the morning and fight with people?" he asks Trump. Trump is like, yup. "My whole life is a fight," he boasts, being extra annoying by comparing himself to Lennox. The Trumplets say that Vinnie didn't need to quit, and Trump asks if Vinnie would stay if he fired Piers. Who, by the way, has been just sitting there all Britishly stiff upper lip this whole time. Only really sweaty. Vinnie says he would stay if Piers were fired. Back in the suite, Omarosa and Nely root for the firing of Piers. I root for the end of this death march already, but all I get are more ads.

Back from the break, Ivanka is still wondering why Vinnie wouldn't fight, so he reconsiders. But Trump says he can't have a do-over on this. Trump asks Stephen what to do. After a great deal of ass-kissing, Stephen says he'd fire Piers. He asks Trump if he's ever stopped at nothing to succeed, even if it meant hurting someone. Trump has no comment. In other words, "Always." Piers steps up and calls Stephen a hypocrite, claiming that he advised Piers to look at Vinnie's information. Stephen denies it. And, in Stephen's defense, we haven't seen any footage of the moment Piers just described. God knows there's been room for it. Piers also claims that Stephen wants Piers to get fired so Stephen can win. "A winner fights to the end," Trump says, which Vinnie realizes is about him, and admits that Piers has more determination than he does. So what does Lennox think about quitting? Trump sucks up to Lennox for a while, again, some more, and Vinnie gets tired of this and reiterates his resignation. Trump accepts it this time. So technically, we all sat here for two hours without anybody getting fired. Super.

On Vinnie's way out to the familiar strains of Journey's "Don't Stop Believing," he shares a hug with Piers, who tells him, "Business, not personal." Vinnie rides the elevator down and exits onto the sidewalk. We see a random guy walking along with a newspaper. Vinnie walks to the limo. There's another random guy standing there with a paper, kind of suspicious-looking. Vinnie steps over to the limo's open door. Stands next to it. Looks up at the building. And the screen goes abruptly black on "Don't stop..."

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