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Lesson Fourteen: Accountability Is A Choice

Down to Chelsea Piers, discussing their corporate sponsors. Roxanne interviews about how she loves Michael J. Fox and Jason Priestly and Jamie Pressley. Is she Canadian? I really like her these days. She's funny, and she was super-cool on The Starlet that time. I hope we get to see her. I really used to hate that lady. Team Lee meet with the Pontiac people, who are charming and pretty and only a little scary, and go on a tour of the facilities and the hockey rink. Roxanne tells us it's a hockey game, two pre-parties, catering to the celebrity guests, creating the program, raising funds, and working it...oh, and Trump, she adds hysterically. "The big thing!" The Pontiac meeting goes better than the firefighter one, but just like by a hair. Pepi mumbles something about matching funds, and the guy one is like, "What is your actual idea?" Lee wants to have Denis Leary auctioning off two Pontiac cars, and after a second they agree to this. "Don't screw it up," says the guy. Outback Bastard last year set the bar so high on rudeness that all of this is humor to me. The Pontiac guy could reach out and smack Pepi's cute little cheek or draw blood or something and I'd be like, "Remember Outback Bastard?" Pepi's hair is a little too too -- it's razor-cut and spiky, and very cute, but also kind of ahead of him, so he looks a little crazy. The rest of him is not up to the demands of his hair concept. Outside, Mary of Pontiac tells us that they completely dropped Pepi's matching funds idea, and that it's too bad, because they got two cars out of the meeting, but..."they missed a big opportunity." Oh, I like Mary. I like how she doesn't say it, but still says it, that they would have gone to the matching-funds place if asked, but the meeting was just too chaotic, and Team Lee dropped the ball. AGAIN.

Team Sean: Tammy floats an idea about getting smaller donations from nurseries and "green companies." I don't get the link, but whatever, I'm sure it makes sense. Sean gets all crazy and Seannish about "Fantastic idea! Well done Tam!" Tarek looks askance at this, because although he's right that Sean has decided that he can't think straight around Tammy, he doesn't have Sean experience to know that Sean's always like this about something or another, and usually it's completely beside the point, so maybe having Tammy there is good, like a Tammy lightning rod for when the cup of Seanthusiasm runneth over, which it always, always does, because he's a big faking fakester and doesn't even know it. Tarek interviews that Tammy's "real pretty," but that he's worried Sean is going to lose sight of the end goal, which is "to create a great event." Sean delegates that Andrea and Tarek will meet the Pontiac guy -- the biggest sponsor of the event -- while Tammy and Sean -- the Project Manager and Final Two member -- will be making decisions about catering. Lord.

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