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Lesson Fourteen: Accountability Is A Choice

Lys calls and lays it out for him one more time: "Here's where I am 24 hours before the game: seeing lots of different pieces, but still unclear on your overall strategy." There's a reason for that, babe. Lee interviews that she's a "tough cookie" and that she "expects a lot," and...maybe this will be Susan B. Anthony's revenge after all. Because she's not being a crazy lady, she's asking for the big picture, and he doesn't have one, and for some reason this request irritates him, because he is a tool. He mumbles that they're going to have a silent auction, and she's like, "That's your idea?" He mumbles and steps on himself and then sounds like a high school student caught in a lie, which is what he is: "The idea know what? Actually, you know what we're going to do?" Carolyn's like, "The fuck?" Lys tells him straight up that he doesn't know what he's doing, so how could she possibly guess? Carolyn gives him the dagger eyeballs, and Lee rolls his eyes like Lys is being a bitch. Um, she's totally not. She's asked him one question fifty times and he refuses to answer it except with things that don't fit the profile and she already said no to. I wish he would get smashed flat as a pancake by something large. "She is busting my balls," he whines. "I wanna cater to her, and she's very very very very important, but...I'm dealing with other people." Which actually means the opposite of what it says, but whatever. I'm over Lee, I think. Busting your what? Fuck off, you idiot child. Go back to community college.

Lys: "Don't make excuses to a person who's done this for the last five years." Word. She isn't being very helpful, in terms of maybe telling them about other things that have been done in the past, but there's something inside that, like a part that doesn't wanna help them anymore than she has to, because it's become a pride issue. Frankly, I'd like to see them fail phenomenally at this point, and it's not even my event he's pissing on. She tells them she wants a walk-through at 7:30, and Roxanne freaks out in interview about that, and reminds us that "If Lee doesn't deliver, Lys could pull out -- and if Lys pulls out, Lee is shit outta luck." Lee whines and complains about how Lys is "outta control" and asks God how many things can he possibly do? And God's like, "Start with one, pisher."

Team Sean. Andrea comes to Tammy and crouches at her side. "I can't even say it without crying. I have to go to the doctor...I've been coughing pup blood. I'm sure it's nothing. Hopefully be back in like an hour." Tammy's weirded out. We cut around a lot in this part, so that we don't see Andrea begging Tammy not to make a big deal or react in front of the cameras, because it will make it worse -- which is so Andrea, and I'm glad the show has some sense of protecting her from having to show that vulnerability on screen, because man. But the upshot is how this editing makes Tammy seem like a total robot that wishes Andrea ill, when in fact she's maintaining in a really cool way for Andrea's benefit. It's sweet. I feel like being able to navigate the kind of person that Andrea is, is a really cool skill, because I love Andrea and I feel her strongly on this issue. I totally would have done the same thing. "Do not overreact, do not hug me, do not touch me, do not acknowledge this in any way, or I'm going to fall apart, but here are the facts." Andrea lists all her action items and where they're at, and Tammy's mind is a bit blown so she doesn't really hear all the details, but of Andrea knows them back to front, and Andrea keeps repeating that she'll be back immediately, tuberculosis or no, and they'll pick up where she left off, and she's not letting them down, and Tammy's like, "I've got this grocery list and I Mapquested a grocery store, if you wanna grab some stuff." Andrea kind of nonverbally lets Tammy know that her bravado doesn't extend that far, and Tammy's like, "Gotcha, sorry." Andrea holds a tissue to her nose, and finds more blood, which causes her to jump kind of high, and whispers, "Oh God. It's coming out of my nose, too." Her voice is getting closer to delirium. Tammy's like, "Holy shit."

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