The Final Battle

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Lesson Fourteen: Accountability Is A Choice

Sean returns, and she tells him what's up, and promises to come back super fast. I don't want to see Andrea weak, because it's not fun to see, because it's the opposite of how she is: veganism and yoga are sometimes, I think, symptoms of having a face-off with your body, which when you live in your head like Andrea, generally means that your body will swing around on you with some really fucked up shit, because your body doesn't like being ignored or controlled like that. Control freakism is a good way to get your immune system to turn on you, for example. I don't know, I feel like I'm taking analytic liberties at this point and getting weird, but it's like, I really do feel like I get Andrea, more than anybody I've seen on this show, more than people I like more even, and this little scene is pushing like every button I have. Ugh, being weak on camera, being caught off-guard and not knowing what's going on. On camera. Can you imagine? My favorite thing about Andrea was how she could take a punch and freak out for three seconds, and then solve it. Adrenaline/control. It's the reason neither of us can fucking stand the sight of Brent: he's too chaotic. On like every possible level. But when the Ebola or whatever strikes, you can't do that, and since it's like her only strategy, that's fucking terrifying. I live in constant fear of injury, even more than illness, because I barely feel any control over my stuff when it's in working order. Actually, you know what? I think I actually predicted that her body was going to turn on her in a prior recap. Sorry I gave you Ebola with my words, Andrea! I love you! I love you so much you made me like Tarek! Via the transitive property! Please do not give him Ebola via the transitive property!

Sean hugs her caringly -- right response, wrong time, last straw, no fear -- and interviews that he's concerned because, though he does not have a medical degree or license, he can tell you that "coughing up blood is not good." It's like one of the five "ER now" symptoms of First Aid, I think. Adding well-meaning insult to injury, he calls her back from the door to hug her more and blabber at her, which almost kills her, but she takes the moment to...there she is. That's my girl. "I'm just really worried. I will come back when I can." She takes off, finally, and Sean's like, "The hell?" And Tammy's just like, "I know! I don't know! Coughing up blood!" Sean interviews the difference between a cold or slight flu, and what's going on here, is that she's bringing up "chunks of blood" from her chest. Whatever, Sean. Seanthusiasm does not apply here, because it seems like you kind of want her to drop dead or something, for the drama. Like how you don't really want your roommate to commit suicide, but your GPA could use the A's. Andrea cries and walks out of the Taj Mahal, cameras following behind, as Tarek identifies this as a "major roadblock," because Andrea is "brilliant and hard-working." I think Tarek gets her too: Tarek gets back on task and asks where the SLS banners are, and Tammy's like, "Somewhere? I'm out of it! Blood! She was coughing up blood!" Tarek worries for Sean, because he's a "man down."

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