The Final Battle

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Lesson Fourteen: Accountability Is A Choice

Lee and Lenny take off to build a fort with couch cushions and act like idiots with a secret plan. Leslie thinks it's stupid. I think that's Leslie. Was there somebody named Theresa? Hang on. Okay, the blonde lady is Theresa. The Center for Intra-Spection lady that lost her marbles in the BR that I liked prior to the marble-losing. So who the hell is Leslie? ...Right. The deaf-mute volleyball player. I don't see her here. Anyway, Theresa thinks that Lenny and Lee are being dorks. She's insightful. Lenny tells Lee there's nobody better than him and then lectures him about who should be on the team. He makes it clear that he and Lee are the Allie and Roxanne co-PMs of life. A win for Lee is a win for Lenny, because they have love. Lenny wants "people who are willing work for us," and to prove that he is all about Lee's success, says that they have GOT to have...Pepi. Remember Pepi? Goatee? Couldn't handle Brent? Or anything else? Thought everybody was actually Omarosa in disguise or whatever? No? Yeah. Lee wonders if Pepi isn't "rusty," and Lenny gets intense about how he must have Pepi on his dream team, and don't ask questions. He gives no reasons for any of this; he knows he doesn't need to. Lenny interviews that he loves Lee and wants Lee to win, and I do believe that. I just think that, if you're going to have a person making all your decisions for you, it should be based on them not being crazy or incompetent. Lee seems to love Lenny purely because Lenny loves Lee, and that this somehow translates into strategy. This is how you join a cult.

Leaving Lee behind in a pile of dust, no longer necessary to the Lenny Nation, Lenny asks Pepi to be on his team. Lee spouts about how he just wants to be "surrounded by people who genuinely love him." Which is really the first rule of business, isn't it? Idiot. He tells this theory to Theresa, who just nods. This is so stupid. Lenny does more of that weird aggressive threatening stuff, telling Lee that Leslie and Allie and Charmaine are the enemy. I don't even know what they're talking about. Maybe doing this at a kegger wasn't the best idea after all. Lee interviews that Lenny cares soooo much about him, and it sucks for Sean, because nobody loves Sean the way Lenny loves Lee. But what Sean does have, douchebag, is a clue about how he wants to win, not just subsist in a group hug and hope for the best and let fake-daddy handle everything. Lenny lectures Theresa at length about something or another, and Brent gives interrupting them the old college try, and Lenny -- gorgeously, I admit -- doesn't even acknowledge his existence, so Brent just wanders away, brutally rebuffed.

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