The Final Battle

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Lesson Fourteen: Accountability Is A Choice

They ask what she wants, and she won't tell them, just asks for their ideas, which they do not have at all, and then she'll tell them what she likes. Problem being, as stated, that they have no ideas. She screams, "BIG IDEAS!" I don't know, you could tell me Lee made this up right there on the spot and I'd believe you, but he's like, "A date auction? With the firefighters?" Lys points out that this is a celebrity hockey game, a family event, so that makes no sense. He vaguely mentions raffles and silent auctions, and she's like, "Bigger?" You really feel the frustration here, because you're talking about millions of dollars and he's just got nothing. "A yacht ride with VIP guests?" No. Roxanne interviews that they went in thinking they were "shooting for the stars," but that was not true. "Lys was completely unimpressed." Lys is like, Back to basics? Great. "We have really exclusive and classé events," I think she says, although that is not a word. She tells him this isn't his mommy's kegger and he's like, "Really? Okay. Wow." She lays it out, completely demoralized by all this: "There are ten thousand firefighters in New York. Our current project with FDNY is three million dollars." I so feel her here. "Come on, guys! You've been to the website?" Her disgust does not translate to paper, but trust me: it is mighty.

Lee interviews one of the stupidest things we've heard this season besides Brent talking: "They didn't hire me to go into a meeting and be very very prepared for the meeting!" Oh, they didn't? The hell you say? And who's "they"? "As long as I learn... They know I don't know the details, let's see if I can turn it around...that's probably what they're thinking." He looks like hell. He looks so bad today. This is ridiculous. "They" don't give a fuck, "they" are not interested in the drama of your life. You totally just insulted the charity really, really bad, and you still don't get it. It's not about what "they" think, it's about the fact that you're acting like a stupid child. He's back to his whole Horatio Alger feeling of how special and narrative his life is becoming. Is "they" Trump and the Viceroys? Because if that's the "they," let me tell you that they would lose as much confidence in you as I did. Lys laughs nervously and finally kicks them out of her office, because they are suddenly total amateurs. This is not my Lee, this person. I don't know what's going on. What were they doing in the time that Team Sean was rocking out? More planning session footage would have been good here, because it looks like they slept in and don't know what's going on at all, and I can't entirely believe that about Lee.

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