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Lesson Thirteen: Stinky Bums Are Definitely Funny

So after much clapping, Frank interviews that they "hit the mark" and that the audience got "a kick" out of it. So if the audience and the execs are happy, Frank posits, then Mr. Trump should be happy. Because Trump is allll about logic and good business, not -- for example -- making a complete ass of himself by attacking America's Lesbian Sweetheart, or shaving that wrestling person's head on TV or whatever happened there, or any of the other embarrassing and stupid mistakes he's been making every month like clockwork as long as I have been alive (29 times 12 plus one is how many?). If everybody says it's good, and Frank's not making that up too, then Trump's gotta love it, right? He wouldn't string Team Overbite along like this just for TV, would he? Surely Frank's there as a contender, right, because he's got merit? It's like Frank's never seen the show!

At the Mansion, Frankie says "Yo!" They discuss how James and Stefani did a "courtroom drama," and once again Nicole's like "Called it!" And I get why that's exciting, but Nicole, you're neither on Arrow or off it, at this point. There is no Arrow. So your psychic Arrow powers? Are really more about James. And since, contrary to what you might have heard, James is not that creative? What you're really showing an affinity for is the lowest common denominator, at this point. Just a thought. Nicole interviews... What I just said, actually, from the other side: that Stefani and James, their professional demeanor, the way they complement each other and don't sabotage each other in front of the client like eight-year-olds (more like 30-year-olds), all these things prove that James and Stefani are boring. Which, sure. I think there's a lot more to Stefani than meets the eye, but I've given up hope of ever knowing about it. But I do think she's not quite as wild as Nicole would like. Where I cannot go with Nicole, though, is to the next place, where she explains to us that the way she and Frank interact is "where great ideas come from." I cannot support that statement in any way. I see the comparisons she's drawing, and we've been drawing these comparisons for precisely thirteen weeks now, but no matter what, Nicole's seemingly determined to be on the Arrow side of any Kinetic/Arrow split there could ever be. Coke/Pepsi? She'll have the Pepsi. Diet, she'll have. With a lemon. Chess Club/Phi Delt? Come on. Vienna/Vegas. Wine/beer. Reading/hollering.

Stefani: [explains their courtroom drama in detail]

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