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Interview to a kill

For some reason, we linger on a couple of brass pigeons (I don't know) before watching Tana and Kendra return to the suite, already in full bitch mode about the crazy people they've been left to work with. "You've got all the worst tempers," Kendra says. "And you've got all the scatterbrains," Tana adds. Tana interviews that getting "the Three Stooges" on her team was not something she took as good news. She claims to have wondered whether the entire thing was "a sick joke." Well, that could sort of apply to the whole show, lady. Tana also calls the members of her team "Snuffy, Brian, and Kristen." Hee hee, "Snuffy." I am totally not too sophisticated for that. Not, like, in the least. Kendra interviews matter-of-factly, "Danny, Michael and Erin were selected to work with me on this task to see how I could manage people who have a degree of incompetence." She adds that she's in a high-stakes situation, and these people are significant in determining whether she wins. I'm sure that's not comforting. Tana and Kendra decide to get changed. Well, sure. Muppet pelts are only for evening.

And then, it is later. Erin and Michael are in the back of a red SUV, and Erin answers the Space Communicator. "Well, hello there, darlin'," Kendra says, trying to sound friendly. "Hi, Kendra!" Erin says, trying to sound friendly back. "This is not our first rodeo, my love, we're here to play ball," Michael says, and I can seriously almost hear Sars's shoe hitting her TV, despite the fact that we are separated by a thousand miles when this airs. ["HATE!!" -- Sars] Kendra claims to be happy to see them, which she wasn't. Although I will say I don't think she was as horrified as Tana, and probably rightly so. I'm not sure the worst of Magna can quite compete for uselessness with the worst of Net Worth. Later, the team meets up with Kendra as she gets out of her car, and Danny assists her out and so forth. Michael says he's not sure Kendra is overly thrilled with her team, but he thinks they'll "do fine." Hugs are exchanged. As they walk along, Kendra tells the team that the tournament is 90 minutes, and there's also a VIP reception. And then the team points out that Kendra is in the process of walking right past the entrance to Webster Hall. Confidence-inspiring! She turns around and heads in. Whoops. She reviews for us her task, which is the Videogame World Championship. Now what's not particularly promising is that she then laughs, like, "Ha ha, videogames, how stupid." Which...just, no. There is a ton of money in videogames, and the people involved will smell it on you if you act like you think it's a dumb thing to be involved with -- kind of like people who, say, write about television. But she laughs and rolls her eyes.

Inside Webster Hall, Kendra is shown around the venue. She sees the main ballroom where the main event will be. Apparently, Electronic Arts is providing a game, Fight Night Round 2, that they're using for the tournament. So...everybody plays a new game for the tournament? I'm not sure I get it, but for God's sake, don't email me. The team is then taken to the basement, as Kendra interviews that the platform they're using for the game is the PlayStation 2. So apparently, it's an EA game, but you play it on a PlayStation. (Right? Right.) Kendra tells us that she has a lot of logistics to work out, which is...kind of how these final tasks always are, of course.

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