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Interview to a kill

Now, Danny sits down with some entirely different people -- a woman in a pink sweater and a guy in a cream-colored sweater. They aren't sure whether to wait for Kendra or move along. All of a sudden, there's a third guy in a leather jacket, and I don't know where he came from, but when Danny asks about their timeframe for the purposes of whether to wait for Kendra, the pink-sweater lady says they can wait about two minutes. Cream-colored sweater says that they don't have all that much time, and there are a lot of pieces to figure out. Danny interviews that as he sat down for the big meeting, Kendra wasn't there. He says that these -- the sweater people -- are the people from Best Buy. Best Buy? I don't know. It's all very confusing. Danny says that he felt obligated to start without Kendra, under the circumstances, because the Best Buy sweaters were in a hurry.

Unbelievably, Danny opens with the "We're Team Magna" theme song, which is so ridiculous that it fairly obviously means one of three things: (1) he's clinically insane; (2) he's fucking Kendra over on purpose; or (3) somebody told him to do that for the purposes of good television. I hope it wasn't (3), but that's kind of the one I'm leaning toward. It's just not credible that even Danny would do that particular thing unprovoked. Erin interviews that Danny was "scatterbrained" at the meeting. And, like, to say the least, you know? She says that Danny wasn't able to communicate effectively with these really busy people. Danny sets up his laptop at the meeting so that the sweaters and the random leather jacket guy can all see. The male sweater tells the team, just as George is seen walking up, that he's getting a little anxious about the event being a day away and not seeing any level of detail about what's going to go on. Danny interviews that the meeting became "a nightmare," and Kendra wasn't there. The sweater goes on to say that he has no understanding of how things will work, and Erin says that everything was getting worse, and they needed to get Kendra. Erin then goes and finds Kendra with the dark-suit guy. She tells her that they're having the meeting upstairs, and they need her for that. Erin says in an interview that Kendra needs to be monitoring what the rest of them are doing, as Kendra runs upstairs.

Kendra arrives at the meeting along with the dark-suit guy, and you can see the green-skirt lady in the background as well. As Danny continues to stammer, Kendra interviews that she was "infuriated," because she had set the time for these meetings, and had no idea that Danny would "grab" the executives and start without her. It's true that she wasn't there to greet them, but it's also true that somebody probably should have told her that they had arrived, rather than just starting without her. They do have the Space Communicators, after all. Kendra jumps into the meeting and says that now, she'll walk them through everything they need to know at the venue. "I was desperately trying to reestablish the credibility that I had lost," she says, and it's a comment that impressed me a little, if only because it tends to suggest that she has some idea of what the dynamics are, even if she hasn't always navigated them all that successfully. She tells us that she ran them all over the place, doing all she could to reassure these people that the team wasn't completely incompetent. She does seem to be providing a good amount of information to the sweaters, who are the only people who seem to be with her, although leather jacket guy does appear occasionally. She says she was talking very fast, but the pink sweater tells her not to worry about it -- to talk fast, because they need all the work she's going to be doing. A-ha! Leather jacket guy is from EA, because there's a caption that introduces him as EA's David Pekush, who says that Kendra did a good job of giving them an idea of how the event would go.

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