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Interview to a kill

Webster Hall. Michael is outside receiving some large crates containing PlayStation kiosks, and Kendra says that she doesn't know of a better place than the basement to which they can be moved. Michael tells her he'll take care of it. Kendra explains that their contract provides that the only games that can be available in the main space are EA games, and these are PlayStation games, so they have to go downstairs. Meanwhile, Kendra meets the PlayStation rep, Amy, and tells us how it was important to "keep Amy happy." Amy explains to Kendra that they want people to play their games, and Kendra says she'll show her where the space is. Kendra and Amy descend down, down, down into the basement. And there, they find the fairly dumpy space, next to the bathrooms, where the Sony PlayStation kiosks are. Amy looks mortified. I am particularly in love with the camera guy who pans up from the "Hard Core Dancing" sign to the stuffed deer head, because there is a brand of tacky that is communicated by that pan that simply could not be adequately demonstrated in any other way. This, indeed, is not a nice space. Amy communicates her displeasure to Kendra. Kendra agrees that they'll "have to think of something," because it appears she agrees that this will not cut it. "Don't be sorry, just make it good," Amy says coldly. Amy complains in an interview that Kendra "has done nothing to make [their] area cooler." Cooler? Bleh. She says that if it's not better the next day, PlayStation might pull out as a sponsor. Dun-dun-dunnnn!

Next week: Tragedy! Comedy! Unexpected obstacles! Things that seem like they're going to matter, but really don't! I can hardly wait!

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