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Interview to a kill

He leads the candidates to the corner of this enormous apartment, and he explains to them that this 90th-floor apartment (in the highest, tallest, best-smelling, most carefully vacuumed, blah blah blah building) is the kind of place they might live one day if they get the job. ["And I know I'm supposed to envy the super-rich the views from the tops of these crazy high-rises, but…not everyone is as keen to live on the ninetieth floor of a Manhattan building as we might have been four or five years ago, if you take my meaning. Not to be depressing about it, but my marble tub is getting installed on Three." -- Sars] He tells them that we're down to the wire, and they've all done well, by which he means, "You just barely edged out Alex, so think about that." He also reminds them that they've had the opportunity to work with some of the country's really big companies. And now, some of those companies are providing executives to interview them for the final task. First will be David Brandon, the Chairman and CEO of Domino's. Also, Darlene Daggett, President of U.S. Commerce for QVC. And he calls her "very dynamic," because Trump has no idea what to say about women executives except that they are "dynamic," as if only really dynamic chicks would ever think of getting jobs. Then we have Howard Lorber, of Douglas Elliman, which so memorably kicked Jen C. to the curb last season after her unfortunate "old bags" incident. Finally, there is Greg Brenneman, Chairman and CEO of Burger King. I often wonder what it would be like to be the major bazoo in charge of something really pedestrian. Like when that guy meets people, I wonder if he says stuff like, "Here's my card -- if they ever give you any grief about how many packets of ketchup you can have, don't hesitate to call me." And then he winks and makes with the finger guns.

Trump points out that these four people together supervise over 500,000 employees, and the companies are valued at more than $11 billion. The candidates will be heading off to interview with them, and then the interviewers will report back to Trump, and he'll fire someone.

Time-lapse clouds. Tana arrives at Darlene Daggett's office at QVC and asks to see her. They tell Tana that she has only 17 minutes and 28 seconds to purchase an interview with Darlene Daggett during this very special offer which will not be repeated. Okay, not really. Tana interviews that you can't prepare for interviews (lie!), and it's "just who you are." Her hair looks really weird this week, like it's...poofier? Or something? Parted more in the middle? She looks extremely poodle-licious in a way I'm not having any luck putting my finger on. ["Jiang and I thought she ran out of conditioner. Girlfriend needed a hot oil bad." -- Sars]

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