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Interview to a kill

Howard says to Craig, "So you want Donald Trump to do low-cost housing or subsidized housing?" "If that was something he's interested in, I would be one of his front men," Craig offers. "Doesn't make any sense to me," Howard comes back. Whoops.

Domino's Guy asks Kendra to choose the better of the other two finalists, if she were picking someone to be her business partner. Unsurprisingly, she picks Tana. As the screen begins to break into the montage section that always drives me nutty during the interview segment, we see that Tana picks Craig and Craig picks Tana, unsurprisingly. And then it all sort of breaks down into this mishmash of talking that deprives us of getting almost anything out of this segment, which they always do, and which I always hate. I don't think these interviews should be boring, but they're always treated like a pill we have to swallow as quickly as possible, and it just baffles me.

Later, Trump, Carolyn, and George meet with the interviewers in the Boardroom. Trump tells them that he needs their help in making his choice between these three, and he starts with Domino's Guy, David. David says that he thinks they're all talented, but he was not impressed with Craig. "He was very hard to pin down," David says, adding that Craig's answers, when you probed them at all, basically had no substance to them. Trump nods, because boy, he knows what that's like. He thinks Kendra was "somewhere in the middle," perhaps "too assertive," but his preference would be Tana. He thinks Tana was "solid" and "very capable."

And now, we look in on the L-Pal, where the candidates are packing. About the important people she met and the effort she put into being herself, Tana can only say, "[Arf arf arf.]" They leave the L-Pal, the three of them, and head for the Boardroom…

…as the conversation shifts to QVC Darlene, who says that she, too, would hire Tana. And seriously, if there's anyone who would agree that rhinestones are important enough to justify an inter-borough quest, it would be someone from QVC. Darlene says she was impressed with Tana's "entrepreneurial skills," and there's some story about Tana making $12,000 when she was nine, and if they were going to refer to it, I wish we could have at least heard it, especially since there was time for the music-video-like montage of interview segments. Darlene also says something about Tana being a wife and mother, and WHAT? Like, okay, you don't discriminate against people for being married with families, but I consider it equally out of line to show preference for them. Your family situation should not come up in a job-interview setting, period. Darlene has no idea how good Tana is at juggling those responsibilities -- this has the stink of just liking moms better than non-moms, and that blows, fairness-wise. Shut up, Darlene. She says she thought Craig was "interesting" (more loss of credibility for Darlene), but again, little substance to his answers. And she found Kendra "most in question." Because she felt like every answer was "scripted" or "preconceived." Guess what, lady? That might be because you asked dumb questions. It's kind of ass to be like, "Well, Craig didn't have any substance to his answers, and Kendra had too much substance, so I'm going to go with the nice, friendly mom." Seriously, Darlene's preference for Tana literally had not one thing to do with this job. Entrepreneur? Not relevant; that's not this job. Wife and mother? Inappropriate to even bring up, let alone rely on to prefer her over others. I don't like Darlene one bit. Which kind of makes sense, because...dude. QVC. Anyway.

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