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Interview to a kill

Howard says he liked Kendra, with the only drawback being that she's young. He thinks this could be a positive thing, because you have time to develop her and so forth. "I think she could be a superstar," he says. Craig, however, he didn't think was much to write home about. When asked what he would to in the Trump organization, Craig suggested ways to change the company to give him a place to fit in -- presumably, this is where the bit about the low-income housing came in. Howard goes a different inappropriate route than Darlene when he dismissively mentions that Tana is "from Iowa," like, who cares? Why is it that with Craig, the discussion has been about the quality of his answers, while with Tana and Kendra, it's all been personal? Too young, married, kids, from Iowa -- what does any of this have to do with anything? Howard goes on to say that Tana can't make it "in a big metropolitan city." Oh, come on, Howard. She might take a little while to learn the subway, but not everyone west of Pennsylvania spends the day churning butter, you know.

Greg says that he, too, found Craig's answers to be totally devoid of meaning. "Absolutely no substance," he says. He did like Kendra a lot, as Howard did, despite her being "very young." "In my mind," he says, "she was by far the most intelligent and the most talented, I got the most concrete and the best answers to questions from her." He says that he thought Tana was good, but he's not sure whether she could be a leader. Trump thanks them for their input and sends them on their way. They have the most thankless job ever, those people. They'll be quoted asking about one question, and then they'll be shown preferring one nincompoop over another, and it's just very hard to look like a person of substance.

When the interviewers are gone, Trump has Robin send the three candidates back in. It appears that Tana stops and waits for Craig to pull out her chair, which I really think is a huge ick -- it's one thing for the guy to pull it out, it's another thing to stand there, princess-like, waiting for it to happen. Gross. Trump asks Craig what he thought of the executives. Craig says he thought "they were incredible." He adds -- shooting his own foot off -- "They can discern a good business mind." Trump basically says that the executives liked everyone, but they all thought Craig wasn't good enough, so he's fired. That Boardroom, on screen, took about 45 seconds. Talk about dispensing with Craig in a hurry. Trump tells Craig he thinks he'll have "a great future," notwithstanding the fact that all four executives thought he sort of sucked, and Craig gets up and leaves. As he gets into his cab and leaves, Craig tells us that he thanks Trump for the opportunity and such. He looks forward to getting back to his family, and thinks he just didn't do a good job of "getting deep" in the interviews. I am not going to miss Craig.

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