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Interview to a kill

And now, Carolyn and George will be providing them with some employees to help with the task. And they will be familiar faces. Trump wishes them luck and says he looks forward to seeing what happens. When the screen goes dark, Carolyn buzzes Robin to "send them in." And I will just stake my claim right now that what you are about to see is one of the most diabolically hilarious things Burnett has ever done. Because when the door opens, the people who come in are: Brian, Michael, Kristen, Chris, Erin, and Danny. "Is this it?" Tana blurts out. "This is it," Carolyn says. "Oh!" Tana says in surprise. Carolyn explains that Kendra will get the Magna doodles, including Erin, Danny, and Michael; Tana will get the Net Worth(less) Kristen, Brian, and Chris. In other words, welcome to the most suck-ass and potentially crazy and disruptive people from your respective teams. You thought you might get the competent but stammering Angie? The odd but basically decent Bren? The sexist but capable John? The misguided but well-intentioned Tara? Oh, no. No. It's the nutbars who, for the most part, can't do anything and aren't making news anywhere except in the DSM-IV.

George also adds a crucial point: "Bosses are free to use or not use their employees any way they want." So that's the clarification we've been looking for. You can indeed bench anybody who's more trouble than they're worth, so one of your skills for this task could potentially be firing anybody who's truly in the way. George claims that this will somehow finally answer the Book Smarts/Street Smarts question, which I'm sure it pained him to say, since it's a lie.

When the employees have left, Tana says she has a question. "Any chance of changing around our team?" she asks. Carolyn pretends to think for a minute, which is awesome. "No," she says. "Okay," Tana says, trying to sound chipper. How exactly would that have happened? Kendra's not going to take any of those people voluntarily. George tells Tana that she'll always have to deal with people who wouldn't be her first choice. And seriously, I don't think that was a smart move at all. Opening your performance on the last task by complaining, which is basically what she did? I think that's unwise. Anyway. George says that the idea here is to able to operate in any environment, however unfavorable. Tana and Kendra leave. I am fairly sure that at this point, even though we don't see it, Carolyn turns to George and says something like, "Jo Anne Worley is going to be pissed as all hell when she finds out that Tana took that jacket."

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