The Last Supper

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The dangers of little black dresses

Aaaaanyway, John comes back out to the table and offers the guys a "limited-run" shirt (which I think is just their uniform shirt), and he says to the guy, "I don't know if you can squeeze into a medium." Snerk. FLIRT! He takes the shirt, and Chris confirms that the guys seemed much happier once John was finished with them. Ah, sigh. Boys are cute.

Sunset skyline porn. At Apex Restaurant, people drop surveys into the box as Carolyn and Boyfriend Bill approach. Inside, Jenn C. says "good, good, good" about four hundred times to a table of women who are looking at her like, "Back off, Scary Black Dress Lady." And I'd like to point out? She's totally looming, and we know how I feel about looming. We see a couple of shots of the women standing around in pairs, just kind of doing nothing. Ivana refers to this in an interview as "clumping of the girls," which for some reason sounded really funny to me. "Stop clumping!", I imagine her hissing. "You clumpers, stop clumping! You're all clumpy!" She says she was trying to "disperse the girls a little bit more." Yeah, I think they're having a little too much fun with the mass supervising. It was revealed in the Extra! Boardroom! Footage!, by the way, that Jenn decided not to have the team work as servers (as the men did), but to hire servers, because she didn't think the Apexiennes could get along if they had to cover tables and so forth. So they just...stood around.

Mosaic. Pamela almost, but not quite, spills a drink on someone. She's like, "Just kidding!" Heh. In the back, Andy swears as he voices over that he had a multitude of tasks as a waiter guy, and he's really not very good as a waiter guy. He mixes up a couple of orders, but manages to reverse them with just the right kind of smooth, apologetic good humor that renders the mistake pretty much meaningless to the women he's serving. I'm not a fan, but he handled that well. He explains that the customers and the Mosaic folks, in the end, had fun together, and that was what mattered. And then a woman calls him back to the table to ask for something she doesn't have. What is it? Oh, it's a knife. Well, you can understand how unimportant details of that nature might be overlooked. That's an awesome way to go out of that sequence -- Reason Number Seven.

Mosaic ushers out its last customer and locks up. Genuine team-type applause ensues. Back at Apex, the women appear to be eating up the leftovers after closing. "It's falling off the booone, it's so good," Ivana gushes. Jenn C. says that going into the project, she knew that she needed to put a stop to "the cattiness and the backstabbing," of the type that she has participated in so enthusiastically in the past. And aside from the stuff that she herself participated in this time, it looks as if she largely avoided that problem. "One of the things I'm great at is bringing people together!" she happily chirps in her interview. Well...she's going to be bringing Trump, Carolyn, Boyfriend Bill, and much of the viewing audience together pretty soon, so I guess we could count that. Jenn M. says, however, that she thinks they did well "in spite of" Jenn C., not because of her, although she agrees that they maintained a pretty positive, team-type attitude.

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