The Last Supper

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The dangers of little black dresses

Mosaic goes to meet Rudy. Oh, and Mrs. Rudy, also. John explains all of Rudy's great accomplishments, and Rudy shows them in the office his plaque that says, "I'M RESPONSIBLE." Not exactly a witticism, but...all right. ["I actually have a picture of that plaque on my bulletin board." -- Sars] A discussion of leadership follows, in which Rudy tells them that real leaders know what they believe, blah dee blah. John finds Rudy inspirational. No compromising on moral issues and so forth. I find the reward the most boring part of the show, as usual. Unless it's going to be incredibly tacky like the Trumpartment so that I can relish the hideousness, it's just killing time.

Jenn C. and Sandy chat on the terrace of the suite. Interestingly, it sounds like it's Jenn C. who says, "I think it was a question of leadership," Sandy says, "This [meaning Jenn C., so I don't know why she didn't say 'you'] is my favorite project manager I've had so far." Jenn C. is feeling embittered: "I've never met a bunch of witches that I wish I could fire more," she says. She goes on to talk about how Stacy annoys her, and Sandy snidely snots that Elizabeth is just not the person she was in the early going. Inside, Elizabeth is talking to Ivana (and, incidentally, wearing a dingy green T-shirt over a blue long-sleeved shirt in a way that's just...not right). "She's not going to bring Sandy in, is she?" Elizabeth asks unhappily. "Nope," Ivana says. "You were right." "It's unfair," Elizabeth says. "Don't worry," Ivana assures her. "You've got people who've got your back. I mean, you have me." Wow. Could anything be more comforting than knowing Ivana had your back? I mean, aside from knowing a tiger was guarding your roast beef sandwich?

In her bedroom, Maria, as usual, is fussing with her clothes. What is with that? She is managing wardrobe practically every time we see her. It's like she's got some kind of hanger-specific compulsion. Jenn C. and Sandy, however, are kicking back in a bedroom, holding exactly the wrong part of their conversation inside for other people to hear. "What else did they say in that damn review?" she asks. Literally changing her life without realizing it, Jenn C. says, "It was those two old Jewish fat ladies." (It may, in fact, be "bat ladies," to tell you the truth...I'm not sure.) "Really," she continues, "they were, like, the pinnacle of the New York jaded old bags." And then, here's what my episode shows: other women relaxing in the bedroom as Jenn C.'s voice is heard saying, "Old [silence, like a deleted word] who talk that [bleep] about the décor can kiss my ass." But here's what other people got on their feeds: "Old JAPs who talk that [bleep] about the décor can kiss my ass." Seriously. It was shown differently in different places, and when I first heard it, it was without that word. I did think it was odd that there was both a "bleep" deletion and a "silence" deletion, but there you go. And indeed, two uses of stupid stereotypes (one of which doesn't even make a lot of sense) instead of one is worse. In her interview, Jenn C. insists that "if you had a different bunch of folks in that night rating it, they would have loved it." And then we see Jenn telling Sandy that the women were "cheap old bags."

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