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The dangers of little black dresses

And then we cut to Stacy saying, "Jenn C. said, 'Those two Jewish women ruined our survey.'" And then she stares sadly. Which...yeah, not quite. That's exactly as accurate as if she had said Jenn C. said, "Those two old women ruined our survey," which is to say, not very. It's always suspicious when, in recounting someone else's offensive remark, you materially change it. I would also say that I think you have to strongly suspect Stacy of hunting for reasons to blow other people's behavior entirely out of proportion, based on her decision last week to ratchet up "Stacie made us uncomfortable" to the "scariest moment of my life." I think Stacy is a great fan of finding a way to imply that she doesn't feel safe, or respected, or whole, unless you fire the person whom, as it just happens, she already dislikes. I think she relishes opportunities to elevate the competition to a moral level, and Jennifer just put her foot in it so spectacularly that she offered an excellent opening.

At any rate, back in the bedroom, Jennifer says that the women in question told her that she really didn't want them writing a review. And then Stacy is back in an interview solemnly saying, "I'm Jewish. And I'd like to understand Jenn's motives behind saying this." And...seriously? Bullshit. If you're offended by what you legitimately perceive as a bigoted statement, you don't say, "I want to understand her motives." That's exactly what she pulled last week with "I'm sensitive to that." If you're going to call her out, call her out. If you're not, don't. This whole thing stinks to high heaven, and that's in spite of the fact that Jennifer acted like a tin-eared, stereotype-toting moron in shooting her mouth off in that particular fashion. It's behavior I don't like being bitched about by a person I don't believe. A weird situation, indeed.

Aaaaanyway, Jenn now says to Ivana, "They hated it. They just hated it. They were what they were." Stacy claims in an interview that Jenn said the thing about the women being Jewish "to the entire group," which, whatever. Maybe so, maybe not. I certainly don't take Stacy's word for this or anything else. At any rate, we now see Ivana getting changed with Pamela sitting on the bed. And that's when it strikes me really funny that Pamela is in her black uniform shirt and her khakis, which she wasn't wearing during the results reveal, and which I find it hard to believe she put back on the next day. And in fact...the women's clothes change constantly through this sequence. Ivana is in a pink sweater and jeans when she talks to blue-shirt/green-shirt Elizabeth about who Jennifer C. will bring. And Stacy is in a blue camisole and black pants while Jenn is talking about the "old bags" and wearing the same black dress she wore at the results reveal, and Ivana is in her pink sweater. And then Stacy is "listening" in her blue top with her hair down and Ivana is still in her pink sleeveless top and black skirt. But Pamela? She's in the uniform shirt and khakis. And then Elizabeth is allegedly "listening" in a pink shirt and Stacy is allegedly "listening" in a black long-sleeved jacket and blue pants with her hair in a ponytail. And then Jenn is in a black suit (which she will be wearing in the Boardroom) and Ivana is in the pink sweater and jeans. And then we're back in the room where Ivana is "listening" in her sleeveless pink top and black skirt, and Pamela is in the khakis and black top. And when Stacy busts in to complain to them about what Jenn said, Stacy is in yet another outfit -- a light blue long-sleeved top and light-colored pants. And Jenn is in that Boardroom black suit. I realize we're into Zaprudering territory, so I won't go further, but the fact that Stacy is in so many different outfits just confuses me as to what the hell went on. The one I don't get is Pamela, and why she's in her waiting-tables uniform while Jenn is in the suit she's going to wear to the Boardroom. Just...strange.

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