The Last Supper

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The dangers of little black dresses

Oh, but anyway, Jenn is listening around the corner as Stacy complains to Ivana and Pamela, first about, I guess, the Jewish comment, which Ivana opines was not meant "in a derogatory way," and then about "mismanagement." Jenn first flips off Stacy from behind the wall (wow, gutsy!), and then comes up behind her and says, "Would you stop causing controversy?" Interestingly, when confronted, Stacy's comment is, "Jenn, I don't want to talk to you." Now, that's not going to help you "understand [her] motives," is it? See what I mean? She doesn't want to understand motives; she is, in fact, "causing controversy." Which is fine, and perhaps deserved, but then...just say that. "Stop running around here like you always do, wreaking havoc," Jenn says. Stacy, somewhat correct to be irritated but also utterly busted for her own behavior, walks off. As busted people have been doing since time began. "Want to know why we lose?" Jenn says. "It's the havoc-wreakers." And in what is perhaps the stupidest, most juvenile, most idiotic comment of this season or any other, Jenn then says, "You know what's funny? Is that you think you're popular and liked." And really, the last time I heard that level of repartee, I was in the cafeteria drinking Sunny Delight. Good Lord. "Well, at least you've made it obvious that this is a personal problem!" Stacy shouts back. Did we not know that before? Because I think I knew right around "munchkin." Jenn counters that "personal" is calling her a bigot or a racist. Which...yes, but different. They argue, they fight, they hate each other, which...all right, enough. Jenn is all, "You contaminate the living quarters," and Stacy interviews about how much trouble she'll give Jenn if Jenn brings her into the Boardroom, and blah dee blah, vengeance, offense, conflict...and so forth.

Just for the record, I'm not convinced Jenn is any sort of anti-Semite. Stereotyping is a good thing to be aware of, but it doesn't automatically imply hatred. I do think, however, that Jenn is a despicable snob. I don't think she was judging those women for being Jewish. I think that in reality, she was resentful of them for being unsophisticated fools who ruined her ratings because they weren't hip enough to appreciate her genius. I'm not as troubled by her plopping them into a fairly pedestrian New York "type" as I am by her willingness to dismiss as unimportant nobodies anyone she doesn't see as part of the upscale, tuned-in, frou-frou, haute cuis-mean world she is so eager to inhabit. Whether she needs a lesson in cultural sensitivity or not, she certainly could use a few lessons in not pumping herself up to such a dizzying and disorienting degree that she starts to write off entire segments of humanity because they don't look the way she thinks they should, or eat the things she thinks they should, or admire the kind of décor she considers to beautiful. Life is much less rich if you grind your teeth with boredom whenever you speak to old women or little kids or men in cowboy boots, choking back your utter conviction that people who can't tell a real Kate Spade bag from a knockoff can't possibly have anything interesting to say.

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