The Last Supper

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The dangers of little black dresses

Boardroom. Elevator doors. The women enter and sit, and then here comes Trump, in his red tie. He sits down. The first thing he brings up is the emphasis Giuliani put on leadership, and he wants to know how the leadership was on the team. Ivana opines that "there was some serious leadership lacking." Not like in the ice cream task, when the leadership flowed like sweet honey. Or like blood in the marketplace. Ivana blames the team's poor performance on lack of sleep, which I guess is totally what made them dress up and mill around. Jenn is asked about the sleep schedule, and she claims that her father used to tell her that any time you spend sleeping is time you could have been working if you really needed to. Her father is not very bright. Trump points out that Mosaic hired cleaners so that they didn't have to stay up all night.

And now Carolyn takes over, which is always my favorite part. "I'll tell you where I think you went wrong," she says. She explains that they were just not dressed appropriately for the situation. She says that while what they created was beautiful, it didn't fit the neighborhood at all. Like, at all. And, no kidding. As I've said, I'm not even really a New York person, but it's not my experience walking along Fifth Avenue that it becomes more full of chic women in little black dresses as you walk downtown. Indeed, fair to say it's the opposite of that. ["If you get far enough downtown, you'll see more little black dresses again, but in that neighborhood…I mean, it's a weird location anyway, but they didn't read it well at all." -- Sars]

Trump asks who was in charge of décor, and Sandy says that she was. Jennifer C. cuts her off, insisting that the décor was beautiful, period. Carolyn, frustrated, says, "You have to get this in your head." And she goes on to very eloquently explain that it isn't about them looking beautiful or not. "You all looked gorgeous," she agrees. "The restaurant looked gorgeous. It was wrong." Oh, Carolyn. The line between "gorgeous" and "appropriate" is probably far too sophisticated for the audience to whom you're addressing the clarification. Boyfriend Bill puts in that the other issue he saw was energy. Or, more specifically, the lack thereof. "You guys were tense, you were peering over the people as they ate...." (And in the E!B!F!, he noted that when he eats dinner, he doesn't like to be hovered over. We are in agreement, as usual, about the looming, Boyfriend Bill and I.) Trump notices Jenn C. nodding her head, and asks her why she's acting like she agrees with everything critical that's being said. She says that she "had to do a lot of thinking about what went wrong." She begins to set up her effort to get rid of Stacy by saying that the team went in "lacking camaraderie." Ivana butts in, asking where Jenn thinks the lack of camaraderie comes from. "You talk the talk, but you don't walk the walk," Ivana says, as Jenn makes the very interesting remark, "There were alliances set up." Ivana says, "You say that your grandfather told you to work hard?" "No, my father," Jenn snots. "Get it straight." Ivana goes on to say that whether it was her father or her grandfather who said it, Ivana doesn't think Jenn actually does it. "I have yet to see you bust your butt as much as these six girls right here."

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