The Last Supper

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The dangers of little black dresses

Now, for the most part, as we've said, we're ignoring the E!B!F!, but you simply must know that at this point in the E!B!F!, they showed a looooong clip -- literally thirty seconds -- of the women just talking all at the same time, arguing, yelling, and bitching, as Bill, Trump, and Carolyn watch in horror. Awesome. It's also the part where Ivana praises herself for keeping the team "hydrated." No, really. Without her, there would have been no hostessing, because of the swollen tongues.

Anyway, in my favorite moment of all, Stacy cuts in, "Mr. Trump? She's a finger-pointer!" And right then, we spin around to see Stacy, literally pointing her finger at Jennifer C. Heh, Reason Number Eight. "And she never points the finger at herself," Stacy finishes. Carolyn, now rather disgusted, says, "Why can't you women get along?" She's still talking, but Jenn jumps in and keeps talking over her. "Jenn, can you stop interrupting?" Carolyn asks. "Jenn, Jenn." Finally, Jenn stops digging. Er, talking. "Easy," Carolyn says. Jenn leans forward with this "What's your problem, Carolyn?" little eye-pop that's ridiculously rude, and we then see Bill flash-frown like, "Did you just MAKE A FACE at Carolyn?" (Reason Number Nine, for those of you still keeping score at home.) "There are seven women here," Carolyn says. "Seven women can't work together. I'm embarrassed to be a businesswoman right now." "Me, too," Jenn jumps in, still not getting it. At all. "Jenn, can't you stay quiet for one second?" Carolyn asks.

Trump turns to Sandy and asks who she'd fire. Sandy does the stammering hedge-dance. (E!B!F! Bill: "You're dancing. You're dancing, I've been there." Hee.) "Do me a favor," Trump says. "Just give me a name. Who would you fire?" "Jennifer," Sandy says. A cymbal rolls as Jenn looks up, mortified. Trump asks Maria what she thinks of Jennifer's leadership. "I think the leadership has talked the talk but [not] walked the walk," she says, as if she really regrets having to say it, which she completely doesn't. And honestly, again with the parroting! Unbelievable! They can't even come up with their own bitchy remarks, which is just sad. Have a little pride, ladies. Jennifer shakes her head. "I made decisions and I stuck to them," she says. She says that she didn't want the team to fall victim to changing their minds and "doubting [themselves]." Yeah, she wanted to just forge ahead with her ideas, no matter how crappy they turned out to be. It's a good way to run a country, too, I keep hearing. Trump asks Jennifer to choose either two or three people to come to the final table. Jenn says she'll choose two. She'll bring Elizabeth and Stacy. "Sounds personal," Carolyn says. "It's personal," Stacy says dismissively, as if she's above that sort of thing. Which, as we know, she's not.

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