The Last Supper

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The dangers of little black dresses

Jennifer explains that she took Elizabeth by the shoulders and told her that they were heading into the task and Elizabeth couldn't act like that, and Elizabeth is completely confused, insisting Jennifer did nothing of the kind, and it's fairly obvious that she's telling the truth. At least to me. Stacy, bringing up something that's not her business in a way that might not backfire at the moment but I guarantee you is not making a good impression, says that she doesn't understand why Sandy, who was in charge of décor, wasn't brought, and maybe Jennifer should "address that." I'm telling you, if I'm Carolyn or Trump, I'm sitting there thinking, "Hi, do I look like I need help?" But anyway, Jenn goes into all the ways in which Sandy did lots of work, and Carolyn looks at Jenn with great exhaustion. "She failed," Carolyn says. "You just can't get it. You failed. You failed, you failed. Because of the décor and the service." Jenn says that that's fine, she'll take the blame for the décor, because she approved it. "Because they're friends," Stacy snots, and she's lucky she didn't get a Trump National "Shut Up," because she should.

Boyfriend Bill asks if he can make a suggestion to them. "Sure you can, Bill," Jenn says with inappropriate familiarity. "First and foremost, this is not a game," he says. Well, it is, but...he's still cute, so whatever. "And if you think that aligning yourselves with each other or pulling people into the Boardroom for the wrong reason...that's the quickest way to go home, I'm telling you right now. So you'd better make very certain --" Jenn breaks in, of course. "No, I am very certain..." "Don't interrupt me, please," Bill says. "Make very certain of why you're bringing these people into the Boardroom with you." And then, Bill and Carolyn strip naked, jump up on the table, and do an interpretive dance called, "Bring Sandy; she's the one who did the assy décor and made you dress like morons, plus WE HATE HER!" But Jenn doesn't. She's sticking to her decision, no "flip-flopper" she, probably remembering how indecisiveness has sometimes also been ridiculed in the past. Trump sends the safe women up to the suite, and sends Stacy, Elizabeth, and Jennifer C. to wait in the lobby.

Trump, Carolyn, and Boyfriend Bill discuss the candidates waiting outside. Carolyn can't imagine why Jennifer didn't bring Sandy. "Instead she picked Elizabeth and Stacy? Completely personal, completely personal." Asked for his opinion, Bill says, "I think Jenn needs to lead more by example, and not just stand in the corner delegating. She didn't do anything," he adds. Heh. Trump has Robin send the women back in. And they're all carrying notes, meaning they really have learned nothing. When they return, Trump asks Jennifer why she brought Stacy in, when Stacy didn't do anything wrong. Jennifer says that Stacy is "a living thorn in [her] side." Well, that will help reassure them that it's not personal. ["If they can even figure out what it means. 'Living thorn'?" -- Sars] She insists that everything she tried to do, Stacy tried to undermine. She goes back to how Stacy "wreaked havoc," at which point Stacy uncorks a head-rolling, eye-rolling, practically entire-body-rolling look that almost makes you think she should get fired after all. Stacy's says, "She has me here for personal reasons, whatever," and Trump asks Stacy if she also doesn't like Jennifer. Stacy does the exasperated side-laugh, and then flips her head back around and spits, "I would not want to work with her." Trump turns to Elizabeth to ask her what's going on, but Jenn jumps in again all, "It's nothing personal," blah blah blah. Trump asks Elizabeth why she was brought in, and Elizabeth says in an extremely whiny, weak way that Jenn spent all day trying to find people she could pin the responsibility on so that she wouldn't get fired. Jenn aims for a remix of the Psycho Shuffle of last week, saying that something has gone haywire in Elizabeth's personality from the previous tasks to this one. "She's on the verge of a little breakdown," she says. I really don't think that's going to work two weeks in a row. Elizabeth goes through how she was responsible for promotion, and how Jenn "deprioritized" (ugh) promotion, and that she felt Jenn was setting promotion up for failure, which made her "emotional." By which she means "weepy."

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