The Last Supper

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The dangers of little black dresses

"Jennifer," Trump says, "you chose not to be a leader. Your entire team hated you. And when you had a chance to bring one person in who really did mess up, it was Sandy, and you chose not to do that." "I regret it," Jenn says. "And you regret it. Jennifer, this is really easy. You're fired." Hee. "This is really easy." That's gotta hurt. Jennifer nods. Stacy gives a self-satisfied little smirk. Haaaate her. "Go ahead," Trump says, tossing them out of the room. When they're gone, Trump isn't troubled. "That was easy," he says. "Way too easy. It was a no-brainer," Carolyn says. Asked for his opinion, Bill says, "I think she had to see that one coming." Trump nods. "I feel good about it," he says gruffly.

We watch Jennifer C. head for her Cab to Nowhere. It drives off. Stacy and Elizabeth return to the suite. Bum-bum-bum-ba-bum!

In her cab ride home, Jenn says she'll be happier in the end being fired, because she's not cut out to play dirty. Or something. She manages to finger quote twice in ten seconds, totally making her the Chris Farley "I don't 'bathe regularly' or 'wash my toes'" guy. She laments how Sandy betrayed her, which is great, considering she didn't even bring Sandy into the Boardroom when she had the chance. "I find that quite ironic," she says of the betrayal, because she doesn't know what "ironic" means. I think her future as a jaded old bag may qualify. She promises that she will remain trusting in the future. What a relief. I'd hate to think she was going to change and become unpleasant.

Next week: Pamela leaves the warm embrace of Mosaic for the terrifying scowl of the Apexiennes. Poor dear. The women try to sell a "31 Piece Water Activated Cleaning Block Set" for $27.23 on QVC, while the boys try to push a "DeLonghi Retro Nonstick Panini Grill With Cookbook" for $71.25. And...Anna Kournikova? I assume she's the reward. Maria wonders if she's stupid. (I know, I know! Call on me!)

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