The Last Supper

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The dangers of little black dresses

The next morning, the phone rings, and a boxer-wearing Raj makes his bleary-eyed way to the phone. Not really something I needed to see. He looks better in the pleated pants. Also, you'd think they could muster up someone to answer the phone who had combed his hair, because Raj has more than bed-head. He has, like, wind-tunnel-head. Rhona, lucky as usual not to be on a videophone, tells Raj that Trump is at Jean Georges restaurant, and they're to meet him there at 9:00 AM.

At the restaurant, Trump, Carolyn, and -- Boyfriend Bill! -- are meeting with Jean-Georges himself. Trump mentions that Bill is "working" on his Chicago building, and they're hoping to have Jean-Georges as part of that project as well. The candidates arrive at the restaurant, and Trump heads out to meet with them. I love Jennifer M.'s color-block top. Trump's tie could take a lesson from her strategic deployment of pink. Trump explains that Boyfriend Bill is the current NotGeorge while George is "away on business." Daddy still loves you, though. Trump further claims that Jean Georges is "the finest restaurant in the country," not that you would expect anything less. It is certainly the most head-scratching, judging from its current menu, which boasts "Millbrook venison wrapped in cabbage; kumquat-pineapple chutney." You know I'm not making that up, either. Trump tells the group that "the Bible of rating restaurants is the Zagat survey," which does not, as you might expect from that description, tell the epic tale of Moses parting the red snapper, but instead publishes evaluations based on food, décor, and service. For this task, each team will get a chef and an empty restaurant space, and by tomorrow night, they'll have to be ready to open and serve people who will fill out surveys and evaluate the restaurant. (You can imagine Rocco watching this at home, sucking down Budweiser, all, "Dude, if anything like that were remotely possible, do you think I would have come off like such an incompetent, useless tool?") The winning team will be the one that gets the best ratings on the three areas combined. Trump also reminds everyone that, on account of the toothpaste win, Kevin is safe this week even if his team should lose the task. I notice that Maria is wearing bright green near her face again. Someone clearly told her at some point that that particular green really flatters her, because she seems very nearly addicted to it. "Enjoy the restaurant business," Trump says.

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