The Last Supper

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The dangers of little black dresses

The Apexiennes check out their space at 7 West 20th. Jenn interviews that she liked their location, the long and narrow layout, and so forth. In a strange sequence, Jenn breaks the news to Ivana that she's realizing paperwork and stuff really should be done back at the suite, so the team should head back there to work. Ivana, incidentally, is wearing a "Feelin' Lucky In Kentucky" T-shirt, so you know that underneath her snide, cosmopolitan jackass exterior beats the heart of a defiantly tacky backwater hick. Ivana complains that Jenn C.'s relocating of the team in mid-task smacked of a lack of planning, with which I agree. Of course, so does randomly rolling ice cream carts around Times Square like you're waiting for lightning to strike and make you smarter, but who am I to argue? "Hey, ladies," Jenn C. says as she heads out the door. "Where's the little munchkin?" she asks. Cut to Stacy, looking around. Reason Number Three.

Skyline porn, day turning to evening. Mosaic, at its restaurant, is having professionals clean the space while the team eats pizza and talks strategy. The team, dressed quite nicely for something I suspect we missed, heads home. When they arrive at the suite, some of the women are sitting around chatting. When the guys break the news that the cleaning at their place is all taken care of, Jenn informs her team that they still have to go back and clean. And that's going to happen...tonight.

Reason Number Four is the shots of slumbering Mosaic members Wes and Kevin, followed by night shots that show all the cars vanishing (heh) as it gets to be the middle of the night. At 4:00 in the morning, we find ourselves at the 20th Street location, where the women are cleaning the entire space themselves. (Stacie? Temps? Busywork? Well, enough said.) They clean like they're afraid of dirt, too. Jenn says to her team, somewhat unhappily, that she now realizes how smart it was for Raj and Mosaic to hire cleaners so they wouldn't wind up in this situation. Ivana bitches in a voice-over, and I would like to point out that while it's true Jenn was the PM, it's not like anyone else thought of it, either. There have been lots of instances, especially last season, of non-PM people coming up with a helpful suggestion, so the fact that they all sit on their asses and blame Jenn exclusively for the failure to hire's on her, but it doesn't reflect well on anyone on the team. Ivana goes on to complain that Jenn "doesn't get it," "it" being that in order to open, they need to "be in tip-top shape," and now they won't be, because they didn't get any sleep. "If we pull it off, it's not going to be because of her leadership skills, I can tell you that right now," Ivana bitches.

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