The Last Supper

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The dangers of little black dresses

Apexiennes. Elizabeth is heading out to do some promotion, and she tells Jenn that she wants to take Maria, Stacy, and Jenn M. with her. "I don't know...I can't give you Jenn M.," Jenn C. says in her bossy, self-important way. Elizabeth reminds Jenn that the less (by which she means "fewer") people she has, the less (by which she means "fewer") flyers she can distribute. Elizabeth interviews that if they don't get people in the door, they won't get surveys done, and they won't win. And she is sure that if that happens, the blame will fall on her. No, no -- the Apex rule is that if the team fails in a particular area (say, spending too much money on printing flyers), you specifically avoid pinning it on the person whose fault it was. Hasn't Elizabeth learned anything? She should only hope for the exemption from blame that comes from actually being at fault.

Back inside, Elizabeth meets up with some of the Apexiennes around the bar, and she starts to fall apart in a heap of sniffles. Maria's all, "Oh, what happened?", faking like she gives a damn, and Elizabeth sniffles that she feels like she's being set up to fail. Like, honestly? Toughen up. I'm sorry, but if that's what it takes to make you cry and break down, you're not ready to be a CEO. Or play Parcheesi. The other women are all, "Oh, that's happened to all of us," because no matter how unhappy someone else is, you can always turn it back to a pity party about yourself and the ways that you have been done wrong. Elizabeth cries again in her interview as she explains that she thinks she'll be made to look incompetent...which she totally isn't. At all. As the other women fuss over Elizabeth, Jenn M. rolls her eyes. Heh. Jenn then notes in an interview, "Flyer Girl is all upset because she hasn't had time to pass out these pamphlets advertising the restaurant, know, I mean, in my opinion, she needs to get over it." Hee, "Flyer Girl." Someone takes Elizabeth under an expensively-clad wing and they get her pulled together. Well, that was a productive investment of time and energy, the hand-holding. Because they do have a whole day to open the restaurant.

Sandy works on twee little place settings based around a red and black theme. Chef guys work in the back kitchen. Out at the bar, Jenn C. tells Stacy something about going to get changed, and there's some back and forth talk, and then Jenn says, "See? You just rolled your eyes at that." Stacy eye-rollingly insists she did not either roll her eyes. She then interviews that Jenn is "extremely emotional and irrational." She also calls out Jenn's "explosive, argumentative personality." Hey, I think they're both lovely people. Finally, back at the restaurant, Jenn orders Stacy to go get dressed. And I do mean "orders." She then says to someone else, pointing to Stacy, "This one won't listen." What's great is that there's a finger jabbing into the frame pointing at her, also. There certainly is a lot of finger-poi -- ohhhhh! I get it. That's no coincidence; that's Reason Number Five. Stacy interviews that she informed Jenn that to have her respect, Jenn would have to earn it. Which is a fine attitude to have, I find, but not so much a great attitude to go around declaring. Because it sort of goes without saying, so when you declare it, you're...yeah. Being a little bitchy, usually. The two of them argue and gripe and complain and yadda yadda yadda, as other people look on, bored.

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