The Last Supper

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The dangers of little black dresses

Later, it's showtime. Maria -- dressed in, you guessed it, a set of bright green necklaces with her black dress -- invites customers into the restaurant. All of the customers, you'll notice, are dressed casual. All the women, however, are in black dresses. Jenn M. claims that "there are still disputes brewing" within Apex. She says that they all focused, though, on their "common goal" of winning the task. Maria happy-talks an entering couple as she shows them to a table, and Sandy...uh, looks on. There's a lot of "looking on" going around, actually. Sandy explains that she was in charge of the décor, and she thinks she did a great job. The décor is all very linear and blocky and minimalist, all right, if not entirely my thing. "I really think it came out ten times better than anybody expected!" she gushes. And then her lips go numb from the tooting of her own horn, and she can't talk anymore. Oh, how I wish that weren't just a figure of disgusted speech.

Jenn C. has a conversation with two older women sitting at one of the tables. Who are, I would mention...not fat. Just for future reference. I mean, they're really not fat, either of them. Jenn asks them what they think of the décor, and they pause before answering. "For me, it's a little too stark," one finally says. In an interview, Jenn cites the fact that she had "two old ladies complain about how bad the décor was." Well, when you ask, you know, sometimes people will tell you the answer to your question. Jenn interviews that this "would point to the job Sandy did." One of the women comments that she's surprised there would be red in an Asian theme, and...okay, that's pretty goofy, because when I think of Asian décor, red is kind of the first thing I think of. Am I crazy? Because...I would certainly entertain the possibility that I am. But Jenn really needs to stop hovering over them, because at a restaurant, I hate that. It's like shopping for clothes -- more than one "are you finding everything okay?" makes me feel like my shopping skills are being questioned. Do I look disoriented? Am I trying on pants by pulling them over my head? No? Then leave me alone.

Over at Mosaic Restaurant, the Zagat people are setting up a survey box outside. Inside, Chris seats a table of four guys. He asks them how the appetizers were, and one of them describes the salad as "limp," and not "chilled." They also give a mediocre review to something involving goat cheese, as Bill and Carolyn watch, slightly amused. Raj, surprisingly non-dandy in his black T-shirt and cream-colored blazer (?), wrings his hands. Chris promises to pass the reports about the food along to the chef. Chris gives an interview pulled out of a time capsule buried in 1988, in which he says that there were "four gay guys on the way to the theater," and that "there's nothing wrong with it," but you have to expect gay guys to be more critical, because they're into "fashion" and "stuff like that." Dear Chris: You know how we all think it's a blessing that not all straight guys are Carson Daly? Not all gay guys are Carson Kressley. Love, Miss A. Back by the kitchen, he corners Wes and tells him that they're having an issue with the gay guys, who are "critiquing." Wes leans in, and Chris says, "I want John to maybe give them a blowjob." They both crack up.

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