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The Mane Event

The next morning, the team is barely in the van when Piers bitches at Omarosa for misspelling his name on some form. So that immediately escalates into a full-blown fight, with Omarosa getting personal and bringing Piers's family into things. Shortest truce ever. Piers realizes Omarosa is throwing a tantrum because she's screwed moneywise. So she swears at him a lot and tells him to shut the fuck up. Omarosa's all about class. When the team finally gets to the Park and the guys climb out of the van, Omarosa stretches in the back seat and sighs, "That was refreshing." An already exhausted Carol thinks, "Speak for yourself, psycho."

Empresario is getting along much better. Not that that's hard, but they're doing very, very well. Trace is pleased with the way his folks are working the street. The staging areas for both teams' carriages are practically right next to each other, close enough for Empresario to see the hate-beams flying back and forth between Omarosa and Piers.

Over at Hydra, Piers has decided to go ahead and fire Omarosa, but she refuses to leave, instead getting into Piers's face and taunting him, "Manage, PM! Manage your team!" and making it impossible for him to talk to the rest of the group. Somehow, thanks to the calming influence of Lennox and Carol, they climb down from there, but Piers still isn't happy because despite being fired, Omarosa has somehow ended up still in charge of the accounts and he suspects her of wanting to sabotage the whole team. Lennox asks what Piers is going to do about it. Piers doesn't know. The answer will eventually prove to be: drop that part of the thread entirely.

Back from ads, Stephen turns out to have procured for Empresario the second Baldwin brother of the season, Billy in this case. I certainly am looking forward to watching Stephen try to poach Daniel away from Dr. Drew. Marilu waves Billy around, like a carriage ride with him is a big deal in this day and age. A few young women are openly laughing at the absurdity of the situation. Being a Baldwin ain't what it used to be. Billy ends up riding in a carriage with a couple of female tourists and bitching openly to them about Stephen pimping out his family on the show. Not to defend Stephen Baldwin, but when Ma Baldwin was on a few weeks ago, it was to accept a giant check for her cancer foundation. Not at all the same as having to endure a coach ride with a couple of women who are only there because they're hoping Adam Baldwin will show up next.*

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