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The Mane Event

So Trump turns to Trace, who says this was one of the best days he had in New York and talks about how great his team worked together. Well, that was boring, uplifting music or no. So who ended up winning? George gives Empresario's final dollar total: $29,673. And Ivanka gives Hydra's: $35,184. Omarosa nods gloatingly, as though she had anything to do with it. In addition to the money they earned, Piers' charity gets an additional $30,000. It's called "The Intrepid Fallen Heroes" fund, for the families of American soldiers killed in combat. Trump realizes Omarosa can't work with Piers any more, and moves her to Empresario. Hydra leaves, as everyone laments the fact that the team that worked well together got its happy, peaceful, unified ass handed to it.

In the Hydra suite, Piers isn't in the mood to celebrate the team's victory with Omarosa. She winks at him evilly, like she's won any kind of...anything, really.

Back in the board room, Trump is looking for someone to get thrown under the bus. Trace can't do it. Stephen can't, either. Marilu says that if she were in Trump's place, she would have fired Piers or Omarosa. Trump regrets that he couldn't do that within the rules. Tito also can't name anyone who should be fired. Trump asks George what he would do, and George says he's glad it isn't his decision. So Trump rather cravenly asks if anyone wants to resign. Nobody does. Trump says this is the toughest firing he's ever had to do. So in the spirit of charity, for the first time ever, Trump is firing...nobody. The bad news is that Marilu is taking Omarosa's place on Hydra. But for tonight, an intact Empresario returns to their suite, congratulating themselves on being the most awesome losing team in Apprentice history.

Aw, poor lonely limo driver.

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