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The Money Shot

Ivanka comes in just as Trace is getting dressed again, and she does a double-take when she realizes the shirtless guy she just walked past is him. She doesn't commit to an opinion beyond saying that the visuals look good, and they'll see how the execs like it. Illuminating.

Hydra's shoot also goes smoothly, with Carol in front of the camera and Lennox acting as art director. Piers is impressed that Lennox has decided to bring his A-game this time around. The last shots of the session are of Carol in bed with a twentysomething male model, which gets a bit steamy. If you blink, you'll miss George, watching the proceedings stone-faced. Probably doesn't trust himself to speak.

Empresario does the photo editing part of the task, and Tito is having difficulty riding herd on Stephen and Omarosa, who each want to lead off with photos of the opposite sex. Omarosa insist that she's Redbook's target demographic (which, I don't remember seeing Redbook described as "the monthly magazine for sociopathic famewhores"), and she wants some shirtless Trace in there. Stephen thinks it's too much, and leans on Tito to play it safe. "If the other team goes wholesome and family, and they win, we were wrong." Yes, I'm sure the tabloid editor on Hydra will want to pull things back.

Hydra is the first team to present their campaign to Trump and the clients. Piers is quite smooth in the presentation, but the clients seem turned off by the final photo of the dude biting Carol's shoulder in the bed. And possibly the porny music on the soundtrack.

Empresario is next. Omarosa starts their presentation well enough. But when Tito takes over, he stumbles over his words and the name of the product. Which the client always loves. Omarosa interviews that the shirtless shot of Trace didn't make it into the spread, so if they lose, Omarosa thinks it's going to be Tito's fault. They wrap it up, and I only saw three pages of their four-page spread, which should DQ them right there if you ask me.

Trump confers with the clients, and while they liked Hydra's overall message, they didn't like that last, Alt-ivorous photo. They also liked Empresario's photos, but thought it had a weaker message. But we'll have to wait until after the ads to find out which one they like better overall.

Board room. Trump gets right to the point, asking Tito how he thinks they did. Tito stutters something, and Trump dings him for being nervous during his presentation. Of course he does it in his typical fighter-worshipping mode. Carol feels confident that Hydra also did well. Trump reminds her that he warned her not to be PM. She says she would rather be fired than not step up. "That's a good line of crap," Trump says, impressed. Trump asks her about the biting shot at the end of the spread, and Carol defends it. Trump has Ivanka and George slide copies of each team's presentation across the table to the other, so they can all see what the other team did. Trump points out the last Hydra photo of Carol being eaten, and Tito says they had a shirtless shot of Trace that they didn't use, to keep from getting too risqué. Trump asks for Piers's opinion of Empresario's ad, and he calls it "boring, amateurish, and does not hit the right demographic." Thanks, Piers, for being rude, critical, and not using parallel structure. Trump asks Piers if they should have used Omarosa instead of Trace. "Only in a graveyard scene," Piers deadpans. Omarosa looks like she's about ready to give him one. Piers says he can't even read the small text in Empresario's ad, calling it "journalistic amateur hour" with Stephen repeatedly yelling at him with a fake British accent to "get yoah specs." But as Trump says, it's not up to him; the client likes Hydra's ad better, which means another win for Carol and the Tony Alt Foundation. Hope Stephen enjoyed his one-day run as the only two-time winning PM of the season.

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