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The [Pepsi] Edge of Reason

The sun sets. Now, we join this week's Boardroom, about to be in progress. Trump comes in. "Who came up with the overall concept for this?" Trump asks, indicating the nasty-looking bottle. Andy says that in a narrow sense, the "best of both worlds" thing was his. Trump asks Andy, "Do you really like that?" And he says it like he's gesturing toward a pile of dog poo, which is what makes it so funny. Andy says that he does really like the concept. "I do. I like that bottle a lot," he says, not having learned anything from...well, never mind. You'd have to say "birth," really. George challenges the team on whether they can really imagine those bottles selling in large numbers when they don't even fit in, for instance, your car's cup holder. ["And this is why I love George, because that was my first thought too -- that I would have to try to wedge the bottle between the seat and the emergency brake." -- Sars] Andy starts to talk about "if the base were removed," which is...huh? If you take off the base, it won't even stand up, and it still won't fit in a normal cup holder. Give up, Andy! Trump mocks the bottle by pretending to use it like a barbell, and that's gotta hurt. Trump making your product look like fitness equipment is not a good thing. It makes Carolyn laugh, at least. Asked if he disagrees with the Pepsi decision, Andy maintains that indeed, their bottle is better. Oh, that crazy kid.

George now tears into the whole complicated geography idea. "It should be simple," he says emphatically. Asked who came up with the shape of the bottle, Sandy says that Jen was in charge of the bottle, while she was in charge of the label and coming up with the game. Asked who was least creative on the team, Andy says that it would be Sandy. Sandy looks shocked, and protests that she came up with the game, to which Andy says, "That's incorrect," which it clearly isn't, because we saw the footage of her explaining about collecting the bottle caps and how you would get the whole continent and get a trip there. Sandy clearly came up with that game, or at least with the way to execute it; Andy's efforts to say otherwise are flat-out false, and that's the first time you know for sure he's allied with Jen, just trying to take out Sandy by any means necessary. Sandy is having none of this, insisting that she showed "a lot of creative talent" and saying, without quite saying, that all of Andy's doublespeak is bullshit. Trump asks Andy whether he's claiming Sandy is taking credit for something somebody else did, and Andy says yes. So now, I'm ready for Andy to be fired. Because, really, what a shitty thing to say about somebody when it isn't true. That kid needs to go back and take Ethics a few more times until he passes, because that does not fly, and the first time he gets caught lying about somebody like he is right now, he's going to get thumped. Jen proceeds to pile on the distortions by claiming credit for "the idea of trips to the Edge," and whether that's true or not, it was eminently obvious from the footage we actually saw that the idea was fleshed out by Sandy, and it's really not that big of a damn deal to say "trips to the Edge" if you have no clue how to make that into something concrete.

Trump really seems to be just trying to humiliate Sandy, it seems to me, when he stops Andy and says, "Who's smarter between the two?" That is such a fucked-up question. He never used to ask that kind of shit except on very, very rare occasions, and now every week he pulls one of these questions that are just intended to foment ugliness, and that serve no other purpose. Anyway, Andy -- knowing the answer that Trump, with his hard-on for college degrees, is looking for -- says that Jen is smarter. Asked who was harder to manage -- do we really need to go on? -- Andy basically just piles on Sandy, refusing to say anything even remotely even-handed that would imply Jen was anything less than perfect in this process in which, given that the team completely failed, she was apparently not that brilliant.

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