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Ivana, of course, blames Jen for obstructing her path to PM, and feels the need to tell us again, in a balcony interview, that Jen is all boobs and face. And then, rather tastelessly, we cut to...Jen's boobs. Now, was that really necessary? I would argue that it was not. I mean, really. What camera guy got that close-up, and how do you explain it to her? "Just a second, I'm shooting your chest"? Of course, Ivana's remark wasn't necessary to begin with, either. Shut up, Ivana.

Later, as Jen works on the computer, Kevin chats with Kelly and Ivana, and tells them that if they remain together as a team and don't lose, they might be able to be the final four together, at which point they can "deal with it," meaning, I think, they can deal with Jen, the reigning Queen of Skating By. Kelly tells us that in fact, he didn't enjoy working with Jen on the Levi's task, because she "rubbed [him] the wrong way," and he kind of thinks it would be nifty if they had the opportunity to ship her off to the other team. "I'm so used to not dealing with people that stupid, I don't even know what to say," Kelly tells Ivana, and then he stops and clarifies, "Not you." HA HA HA! Because...otherwise, Ivana would wonder. That was brilliant, and I don't think Kelly even knew he did it. Jen interviews that she was aware that there were conversations going on in which she wasn't included, and she knew they were talking about her. She says she has no allies, and is just here to work hard and to win. Just a hint, dear: when you're working on a team with a bunch of people and no one likes you, that's actually not a good thing. It's fine to be independent, but what's going on here is that all of your colleagues think you don't do any work. The fact that these people don't like you is one thing; the fact that they don't think you have much of a work ethic is something else.

The next morning, Kelly answers the Rhonaphone in his black boxers. I do believe I could do without the shiny panties, Kelly. She tells him to meet Trump at the new Trump Place property, which is apparently a new project, because Trump found some money in the pocket of last year's winter coat, and he used it for a big shiny building. Kevin takes a shower. Ivana employs her electric toothbrush. Ew, for brushing her teeth! Man, you people. Andy gels his hair as he tells us that it's going to be him against Kelly. "He's 37, or 70...he's old." Hee hee. Andy goes on to say that he's going to try to make the case for "youth and creativity." It's ironic that in the close-ups of the gelled hair, I think I got a glimpse of Andy thinning on top.

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