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Trump asks Alex whether Chris could work on Fifth Avenue. Alex says that "Chris has a ton of promise," but that at this point, he's not ready because of his short temper. Trump turns to Chris and asks what he thinks of that. "If me quitting chewing hasn't shown you my willpower..." Trump cuts in: "Well, you quit for two days. How long did you quit?" Chris insists that cold-turkey quitting for any period of time should be appreciated. "That's a very big deal, sir," he says. "You've got to stop," Trump tells him somberly. Chris says that he is stopping. Trump asks Chris if he thinks Stephanie is "talented." "I think she's...limitedly talented," Chris says weakly. That would have made a better caption than "Supply Chain Consultant," incidentally. Chris then warms up and turns to Alex. "On Team Magna, was she ever successful at anything?" he asks. "No," Alex says simply. "I think she's the least qualified to be here, I think she's done a terrible job in almost every task. This was her best showing." Carolyn asks whether he's really saying this is as good as Stephanie gets, and Chris and Alex say together that it is exactly what they're saying. George calls this "a backhanded compliment." How does Alex think she performed in this one? "For her, she did great," Alex says. Stephanie swallows hard, and then she asks whether Alex would really rather work with Chris than with her, and Alex says yes. See? That's one of the advantages the men on this show always have over the women -- the women are never able to put down their personal nonsense and gang up on people with this kind of single-minded, stupid determination.

Stephanie returns to her insistence that they lost the task because of the guys being unable to work together while she was gone. Speaking of her trip to Brooklyn, Trump wants to know why she couldn't delegate that. She says she wanted to apologize to the guys, and Trump tells her that an hour and a half to make an apology is kind of goofy. Trump tells her that if they liked the pizza, she wouldn't need to apologize. He asks her again if she thinks she's "strong enough" to handle a guy like Chris. Again, she says she is. She insists that she has skills and savvy, but George says that she needed to keep Chris in line if he's that bad. She says she thought she did, and it wasn't until she found out about the fight they had while she was gone that she realized it hadn't taken. Or something. "You shouldn't have been gone," George says simply. Trump agrees that taking that big a chunk of time for the Brooklyn trip was not the thing to do as a leader. Trump then says that Alex has been great, and had a bad day, so he's unlikely to be fired unless he mouths off. Chris, on the other hand, is "a disaster," as Trump likes to say. He says Chris is out of control, but he's more worried about Stephanie being able to lead. He says that he does, after all, have guys who swear from time to time. Volatile! You can't be delicate. He says that he isn't convinced that she's a strong leader, so she's fired.

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