The Pie's The Limit

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Get out of my face

The three get up and leave. "Chris, you'd better get on the ball," Trump tells him, and then tells him that he's been getting in trouble at every Boardroom, so he'd better step it up, or "[his] potential's not going to mean anything." Chris and Alex go up. Stephanie goes down. Trump, in the Boardroom, talks about Chris's potential, but they all agree that he's very explosive and will need to be tended to make sure he doesn't blow up. And they all agree that Stephanie sucked. It's nice to have a principle we can all unite around, isn't it?

Stephanie gets into her cab. Bye, Stephanie! Say hi to Erin!

In her cab interview, Stephanie says that the high-school graduates had no class, and the college people had all the class. She's not accustomed to "volatile people." I can't stand her. I really, really can't. I have a feeling I've been a lot more toughened by life than Stephanie, and I went to Quaker school.

Next week: Something happens, and somebody doesn't have time, and Angie is spazzing out, and then there's a clock, and it's all scary!

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