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The next morning, Stephanie answers the Rhonaphone. Rhona tells her that the rendezvous point is at the Trump Grill at 9:00 AM. Stephanie and her robe hang up the phone, and before you know it, we are at the aforementioned Trump Grill, where Trump is forcing the poor chef to state that the Trump Grill has the best buffet in the city. There's so much pressure working for Trump. He doesn't even leave you the soft cloak of your chef-like humility.

The candidates file in, and Angie's hair is somehow even scarier than usual. It's just as oddly colored, and now it's more architecturally complex. Trump greets them. He tells them that Net Worth is "decimated," so he will let the three of them draft someone from Magna. The Net Worthians put their heads (such as they are) together and select Alex. Alex does not look happy, but he comes over and gives hugs anyway, because it doesn't appear that he has the option of taking up arms in his own defense, which he would probably tell you is what's wrong with America, actually. "Okay," Trump says noncommittally about the switch-off of Alex before announcing the big news, which is that the teams now have four each. Aw, Donny is a good counter! Trump tells the teams, in case they missed it when they were called on the phone, found their way here, and came inside, that they're standing in the Trump Grill, which he has spent two or three handfuls of pocket change to transform into the majestic, Vegas-casino-like sprawl you see now. And actually, between the moment when Trump quizzed the chef a second ago and now, this has become the best buffet not only in New York but in the country. Man, I can barely keep up. Look out, Venusian smorgasbords! Your alien asses are next! Trump adds that he included in this grill a big pizza oven. So now, topic: pizza! The pizza business, Trump explains, is worth $32 billion a year. And who's the biggest, most mundane, and thus most Apprentice-ready company in the business? Domino's! Domino's makes 400 million boring, sub par pizzas every year. In this task, the teams will help! Each team will create an original pizza using specialty toppings. Trump briefly mentions that he likes meatballs, for instance, and then he tells them that after developing their pizza, they'll learn to make it, and then they'll have to market and sell it from a "mobile kitchen." Whoever has the most sales will win. Trump reminds Craig that he's exempt if his team loses. And the losing team will come back to the Boardroom, and someone will be fired. And I'll be sad that it can't be John, because his firing was the most satisfying thing to hit this show in a few weeks, and things are kind of slowing down.

Chris interviews that he loves Alex "to death," and thinks Alex is honest and hardworking and smells like cookies. He loves Alex. He and Alex have a connection.

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