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Get out of my face

Kendra and Tana walk around some local office buildings in their snazzy red Domino's jackets, setting up to negotiate big orders with large businesses that are nearby. Kendra says that these large orders will make or break the task, along with Craig and Bren's ability to keep up with what's being ordered. We see them duck into a couple of places, offering pizza from the "Domino's mobile unit." Responding to hunger emergencies! Hey, that should totally have been their slogan. Back at the trailer, Craig and Bren are entertaining themselves by talking about pizza in funny accents. I can't get enough of that, God knows. Bren says they're off of 5th Avenue at 37th Street, and Tana and Kendra have already gotten some larger orders for them to fill. Right by the trailer, a woman orders ten pizzas for her office. Score! The team cranks. ["I think the location mattered much more in this task than we were led to believe. There are more offices in lower midtown, obviously, but there are also fewer options for a truly good slice of pizza and not, like, Sbarro's." -- Sars] George scarfs some pizza from them and tells them it's good. Tana talks some guys into buying lunch, and then interviews how all these guys looked like "money in [their] cash drawer."

Net Worth. Stephanie is bitching at her team about needing pizzas for the run to Brooklyn to fulfill the orders that Alex and Chris set up yesterday. Angie complains that Stephanie was obnoxious about this even before she left. Stephanie tells the guys that she and one of the models are going to deliver the pizzas by subway, and the guys will have to handle things. Alex tells her that it's up to her if she wants to leave, which she does. She and the model work their way through the subway, which Stephanie says is "an experience." It turns out she's never been on the subway before. She's been in New York for how long? Sheesh. They stare at a map, trying to figure out where they're going, and then we see them dropping off the pizza at the construction site. Stephanie tells us that of course, she could have sold the pizzas in the subway, but she felt this obligation to deliver them to the construction site and fulfill their promise. Of course, what she probably should have done is not have guys out making promises to deliver pizza in Brooklyn when they were going to be based in Manhattan. But whatever. She congratulates herself for following up on this "personal issue." How she didn't know she was going to get reamed for that, I just do not know.

The phone rings at the Net Worth trailer, and Angie isn't happy about the fact that one of their hired models is standing around. Oh, and Alex is kind of talking to her. Finally, he gets the phone and takes the order. Chris fumes while making a pizza, and when Alex comes over to update him, Chris almost immediately starts freaking out. He's all pointing, and hollering, and spazzing, and his voice is going up to that freaky squeak he has, and he's making angry demands despite not being the project manager. "Dude, you need to stop frickin' yelling at me, okay?" Alex says. "Are you serious?" Chris asks. "Yeah, I'm serious," Alex says. "I don't like you yelling at me like that. You, doing this? [pointing finger] I don't like that." "Get the fuck out of my face," Chris says angrily. "Okay, dude?" Alex asks. "Don't ever talk to me like that ever again," Chris says tightly. "Seriously," Alex starts to say. "No, you seriously need to get the fuck out of my face," Chris says. Alex walks away, and then he interviews, with some hyperbole but not entirely inaccurately, that Chris was threatening with him. In my experience, while Chris didn't officially threaten him, Chris's brand of "No, you seriously need to get the fuck out of my face" is precisely a challenge of just the type Alex is reading into it. The way guys get into fights? It starts exactly like that. I remember a guy I know explaining to me that the first time a guy tells you you're an asshole, he's just saying you're an asshole, but the second time in a row he says it, he wants to fight you. I don't understand it; I'm just reporting what I've heard. At any rate, I think Alex is exaggerating, but he isn't really wrong that there's a promise of "or we will take this outside" in Chris's brand of bluster here. Alex adds, "I don't think that Chris is, like, going to go off and kill somebody, but his fuse is so short and his pride is so big that he just is a real liability." Alex is really oily in some ways (like the pizzas -- hotcha!), but I think that's exactly right.

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