The Pie's The Limit

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Get out of my face

Later, at Net Worth, Chris is making more pizzas and Alex is taking more orders. Angie wonders why the models aren't hitting Union Square harder, and Stephanie admits she doesn't even know where all the models are. Great management! In a fur-trimmed denim jacket in which she looks completely faboo, Carolyn approaches. She manages to walk by a clump of the models, so that's not going to look good. She is then at the Net Worth trailer, and Alex offers her a slice of pizza. Stephanie tells Carolyn it's been "a hell of a task." She brags about the pizzas that she just took to Brooklyn, and then she shows Carolyn the kitchen. She insists they're doing great, and then in sort of an abrupt bit of editing, it's 3:00, and it's time to shut the task down.

Net Worth closes up the trailer and hops into a couple of cabs. In one cab, Alex tells Stephanie that Chris was threatening, and unsurprisingly, the story is a bit enhanced in the telling, in that Chris appeared to only tell Alex once to get out of his face, and all of a sudden, the story is that Chris said it a bunch of times, all crazy-like. Nobody ever plays it straight, man. Stephanie says that she was "shocked" at this, because it's not "acceptable behavior within a corporate environment." In other places, threatening people is okay, of course. Your golf courses, your record stores. That's just color! Just not in a corporate environment. Stephanie says she's pretty sure Trump won't want somebody like that on the team.

Later. The Boardroom. Results. Carolyn and George are already waiting. Trump enters. He asks how the pizza business was, and they say it was grand. Angie predicts that her team won. Craig isn't sure that Magna won. Asked for Magna's results, Carolyn says that Kendra and Tana sold some large orders for Magna, and the total was $653.12. George says that for Net Worth, the sale was only $523.90. Magna is overjoyed, just like Charles Grigsby. Trump tells Bren that of course, he will be exempt next week. Bren appreciates it right down to his greasy hair. Right in front of Magna, Trump asks Stephanie what the problem was, and Stephanie says it was Chris. Trump asks Chris whether he hates all the losing, and Chris says he is. Trump then tells Magna that for their reward, they'll be having breakfast with him the next morning. Wow, that's...special. He promises them that this will be a great time to convince him you should win. Net Worth, on the other hand, will see Trump only later, in the Boardroom.

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