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Get out of my face

Breakfast is served. Tana says, "Mangia," and everyone acts like it's cool. It's a callback! It's an inside joke! They all are socially connected in a positive way through networking!

Back in the L-Pal, Stephanie says to Alex that if the team is to survive, they know that Chris has to go, and Alex agrees. Stephanie hints that if she brings Angie to the final table, Angie won't "gun for Chris." Stephanie proposes to take Alex in with her and Chris, so that the two of them, I guess, can "gun for Chris." She thinks that would definitely get Chris gone, but Alex doesn't agree at all. Alex interviews that "Chris is a giant unhewn stone, under which I believe there's a great sculpture." Wow. Twee! Alex says that if they could get him to chill out, the team would actually be better off with Chris and without Stephanie. ["He's not nearly the wordsmith he gives himself credit for, but I agree with Alex." -- Sars] Chris has more potential, while "Stephanie has used up everything she has." Alex tells Stephanie she shouldn't think he'll be going out to "solely go after Chris." Ahem. I don't think Stephanie's reading the writing on the wall, even though it's in really big letters.

Ding! Net Worth gets off the elevator and files into the Boardroom. Trump enters. He asks them about the fact that they lost. He asks Alex about going from winner to loser. Alex says he was surprised that they lost, and knew they sold a ton of pizzas. He says that Magna got more early traffic than they did. Asked about Chris, Stephanie says that he's "very difficult to manage," and tells Trump about finding out later that Chris threatened Alex while she wasn't there. Asked whether Chris really threatened him, Alex says that he did feel that Chris was being threatening. Chris smiles sarcastically. Trump asks why Chris would have wanted to fight him, and Alex says it was because Chris thought he was flirting with the models. Alex describes the confrontation, and he says that he's had people throw punches at him, which I believe, because...Federalist Society. Anyway, Chris insists that he certainly was never intending to punch Alex. Chris says that Alex got in his face and he admits that he did respond all, "Get the fuck out of my face." Trump asks Stephanie whether she was around, and she says she wasn't, because she was delivering pizzas in Brooklyn. She does know, however, that Chris was swearing.

Angie jumps in to make the interesting point that Alex and Chris actually got along great the first day. Alex says that indeed, they're friends, but he sees Chris sometimes yell at people and not realize he's even yelling. Trump tells Chris he is indeed very "rough around the edges." Trump asks whether Chris was chewing tobacco. Stephanie says he wasn't that she knows of, but she doesn't see him 24 hours a day. Trump now asks Stephanie whether she thinks she's "tough enough" to deal with people like this as a manager. Stephanie says she does. Angie is asked whether she thinks Stephanie is tough enough, and Angie says, "Not at this level." Angie blames the loss on the marketing and the use of the models and such. Whose fault? Stephanie. Stephanie brags about having sent the NYU models to the dorms, not really getting it quite yet. Carolyn asks whether they all were sent to NYU, because when she was there, the models were all around the trailer itself. She wonders, specifically, why the models weren't sent to hand out flyers in Union Square. Angie again points out the stupidity of ignoring Union Square, and George throws in that dorms are deserted during the day. Chris insists that even one of the models asked why they weren't sent to Union Square. "Less strategic than the models I hired" isn't exactly something Miss Stephanie will be throwing onto her résumé, I don't think.

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