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The penthouse and the doghouse

Okay, the "sweet" thing is completely twee and dorky. Shut up, Boyfriend Bill, and graduate from tenth grade, because you're not funny. BUT. There were people this week who thought he didn't even mean it to be funny -- that Bill (1) actually intended for Nick to feel pressured to literally sleep with Amy on the plane, lest people conclude that he's gay; and/or (2) actually intended for Amy to believe that Nick had told Bill he intended to sleep with Amy on the plane and thus be angry at Nick or humiliated; and/or (3) actually intended to undermine whatever this budding romantic situation is. I don't think there's any way that any of those things are true. Going back to "Amy Warnock" and the discussion about pumping up Nick's confidence so he would go after Amy, Bill has been friends with these people, and he's been giving them shit about the boyfriend/girlfriend thing, which, yes, is again twee and dorky, but totally different from what you'd be looking at had he actually meant for Amy to believe that Nick expected her to have sex with him on the plane, which I agree would be vile. I mean, seriously. There's a camera right there. There's an enormous likelihood that Amy is going to tell Nick about that conversation, because these people spend 24 hours a day together and they gossip like old ladies. Bill couldn't even say it to Amy without laughing. He's clearly not serious, and he doesn't intend for Amy to take him seriously. At worst, I think he completely intended for Nick and Amy to compare notes and figure out what he did. Miss Alli's Mom referred to it as "being a devil," which I think is about right. As I said, I'm not defending the "heh heh, people will think you're gay," which is mostly just dumb, but I absolutely don't read any malicious intent toward Nick or Amy in it. It's exactly what I've noted about him before -- he's kind of a dork, actually, and he's pretty uptight, and he's not as socially smooth as he feels like he should be, is my guess. I think it was a stupid attempt at comedy, but I don't see anything it other than an attempt to give his friends a hard time.

The next day. Nick and Amy go from a limo into the Trump jet. Trump interviews, from his apartment, that Nick and Amy will be having a great time, especially if they're "really in love." I don't think anybody has suggested "love," but...whatever. "But they'd better not use my bedroom," he adds. Heh. See? Mile-high club jokes. Everybody's doin' it. On the plane, Nick and Amy are stunned by the beautiful interiors. The paneling, the fabric on the's all quite stunning. I actually agree, and it's not nearly as tacky as, say, the Trumpartment. In fact, I'd much rather live on the plane. The pilot introduces himself to Nick and Amy and tells them that they'll be taking off soon, but that Trump has arranged for some special guests to share the plane. Amy interviews that their first thought was that maybe Trump or "some of his famous friends" would come along. Feh.

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