The Price Is Height

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The penthouse and the doghouse

They are walked out onto a patio area for lunch. Mimosas ensue. Amy voices over that the treat was not only being able to see their families, but being able to show their families the wretched excess to which they are rapidly becoming accustomed. Well, that's nice. Tropical music swells as we zoom away from the beauty of Mar-a-Lago.

The Protégé boys are hanging out in S4 as the time nears to go to the Boardroom. Kwame is eating some Alpha-Bits. Hee hee. If they really have had Alpha-Bits in S4 the whole time and they never showed anyone eating them before, I'm seriously feeling betrayed, because there would have been a great "eating your words" joke in there somewhere, and Kwame is really too nice a guy to be suited to it. Troy is eating some other kind of cereal -- probably something less whimsical. Kwame tells Troy that he's been telling himself not to feel "disgruntled" today. Boyfriend Bill voices over that Boardroom day is very funereal in tone. "I didn't sleep a wink last night," he interviews.

To distract themselves, Kwame and Bill head out for haircuts. Bill, in case you haven't noticed, has sort of complicated hair, in that it tends to go all Flock of Seagulls on him if he doesn't handle it just right. And it probably has gotten substantially too long. He voices over that during this particular cut, "the scissors never stopped moving. And then he put a quart of styling gel in my hair and just flattened my hair down." In the chair at the salon, we see Bill take a little of the flatness out of his hair. The guy goes for a little more gel. "No, no, that's plenty of gel. Plenty." The guy adds more up front anyway. Bill interviews that because he was done first, he opened the paper to read the horoscopes. Bill's own horoscope says something about being happy with what you've accomplished over the last few weeks. Kwame says that he believes in astrology to some degree, because horoscopes are "pretty accurate." Ah, well, every smart guy has a blind spot. Kwame asks Bill for his (Kwame's) horoscope. "Aries," Boyfriend Bill announces. "'Someone you love and respect will let you down over the next 24 hours, but don't let it affect your relationship.'" "Oh, my Gooood," Kwame moans. "That's not good." Heh.

Protégé goes out for dinner together before they head to the Boardroom. As Boyfriend Bill drinks a Corona (yay!), Troy says that even Trump agreed that they did a good job -- they just came up a little short. Bill interviews that because they knew that one of them was going to be fired, they went out and "ordered like kings." Hee. Back at dinner, Troy says how funny it is that they might be sitting at a table with the winner. "One of us at this table is going to be the apprentice," Kwame opines firmly. "You think one of these three?" Troy asks. "Yup," Kwame says. Troy points out that first, one of them is getting dumped. Kwame interviews that Troy has a tough call to make. Part of him thinks that Troy will spare him because of their friendship, and part of him thinks that Troy won't want to go up against Boyfriend Bill. At dinner, the guys toast. There's respect there, I think, even though Bill started out so suspicious of them.

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