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The penthouse and the doghouse

The three of them enter the Boardroom, but not before we see them all politely greet Robin. Interesting -- these are all unusually polite guys, and I doubt that the women who have spent so much time in and out of the Boardroom in recent weeks have been that nice to her. The guys stop outside the Boardroom doors and exchange hugs. Bill? Not a hugger. Just saying. Which is too bad for me.

They all get seated, again politely greeting Carolyn and Bernie as they enter. Trump finally makes his appearance. He asks the guys what happened. Troy doesn't really have an explanation -- he thinks they had a great idea, executed well, and just plain got beat. Bill says that Team Oy Vey will be disappointed not to get the deal, but Trump says that actually, he's going to take both offers on different nights, so Team Oy Vey will be taken care of. Carolyn asks a good question by inquiring as to what their original minimum price was. Kwame says that they initially quoted between $35,000 and $40,000. Trump makes the point that this means that even had they gotten the most they ever asked anyone for, they still would have lost. "So you really started off too low," he says. They all nod. Trump asks Kwame who, of these two guys, he'd rather have on his side, and Kwame -- unsurprisingly -- says he'd rather have Troy with him "in the trenches." "Is Troy a better man than Bill?" Trump asks. "That's -- that's tough to call," Kwame says, not getting near that one. Nor should he. Bill points out that Troy is also the one who's bringing somebody to the final table. Bernie asks Boyfriend Bill if he would hire Troy to work for him, and Bill gives an answer that's basically the same one I would give, which is, "Depends on what he'd be doing." Bernie says what about as a chief financial officer? Bill says, "Probably not." And rightly so, because that's not Troy's skill set. "As a CEO?" Bernie asks, and Bill says he'd have to get to know Troy to hire him as a CEO.

Trump thinks he sees Kwame shaking his head. "Would you not hire Troy?" Kwame answers, "I wouldn't hire Troy as a CFO, but I would hire Troy in a very sales-driven, motivation role." "But not as a CFO?" Trump asks. "Not as a CFO, no," Kwame says. "What about as a chief executive officer?" Trump asks. "Of the appropriate company, yes," Kwame says, "but not in all instances." I have to say, I fell down with admiration of the way he handled that question, because I thought he was tactful, fair, kind, and totally honest, all at once, and that's not easy to do, especially with a friend. I thought that one moment showed a lot of qualities in Kwame that I really admire not only in co-workers but in bosses -- willingness to separate business and personal relationships and trust other people to do the same, for one, and ability to deliver bad news in a way that doesn't feel petty, for another. Just that one exchange really boosted Kwame in my esteem, I think.

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