The Price Is Height

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The penthouse and the doghouse

Trump asks Bill who he would fire, of the other two. Bill thinks that Kwame needs more management experience to go with the education. "And what is your educational background?" Trump asks Bill. Bill has a bachelor's degree from Loyola University in Chicago. Trump asks Troy about his background, and Troy brings up his real estate loan and development company, and how he loans his own money for a living. Trump asks Troy why Troy would want to work for him, and Troy hauls out what we now know is the clipping from his high school yearbook in which he wrote, "Trump, I'm coming." In other words, Troy, like Sam, is a Trump groupie. Troy goes on to say that his only education is Trump's book. "I have no degree from no college," he says, not quite grammatically, and I'll be nice and not point out that he might not have done that if he had a degree from a college, assuming he got the right kind. "So we have a Harvard MBA, we have a good college graduate, and we have high school," Trump says.

Trump moves on to Kwame, asking him about his history working at Goldman Sachs. He asks why Kwame would want to work for him. Kwame says what he said once before -- you only get a limited number of opportunities to be extraordinary. But right now, only one person is extraordinary -- Troy, whose job it now is to pick somebody to go up to the suite and somebody to stay with him. Troy doesn't hesitate. "I'd like to invite Kwame to the Boardroom with me, and I would enjoy the battle that we're going to pursue." "No kidding," Trump says, impressed. Troy and Kwame share their pull-snap handshake thingy again. Boyfriend Bill smiles nervously, and is up out of his seat almost before Trump can dismiss him. Heh. Nervous geek. Trump sends Troy and Kwame out into the waiting area while he consults with the Viceroys.

Out by the elevators, Boyfriend Bill calls out, "Give 'em hell," just as the doors are about to close. Kwame and Troy pace in the lobby. "I'm gonna cut ya quick and fast," Troy says, and Kwame says, "That's it, that's it." It's very good-natured between the two of them, and genuinely doesn't feel phony. "We've been a long way together," Kwame says, "and now it's time to go head-to-head. And may the best man win," he says. "Absolutely, sir," Troy agrees, and as they flop down on the yellow couch, they shake hands again.

Trump talks to Carolyn and Bernie. Carolyn says that she agrees with something Bill said, which is that Kwame lacks experience. Bernie points out that while he loves Troy's instincts, he finds Troy to be a little bit of a "loose cannon," and he thinks Troy still needs a little bit of time to develop before he's ready for a big management job. "He's not right yet," Bernie says. Trump waggles his head back and forth, like he's thinking about what to do. Or like the Hair is getting heavy.

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