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The penthouse and the doghouse

Nick, noting Amy's return, smiles cryptically over his Sam Adams. As Boyfriend Bill and Troy stir in their beds, Kwame gives Amy a big hug and congratulates her. Amy interviews that Katrina "was ready to go home," so she actually felt fairly confident heading into the Boardroom that she wasn't going to be fired. I'm not sure if that means "ready" like a person who's lost her will to compete or "ready" like a Thanksgiving turkey, but there you go. Back in S4, Kwame asks for the rundown. Amy says there's not a lot to tell, and notes that everyone had been to the Boardroom at least once except for her. As she says this, there's a big shot of Bill yawning, which is punctuated with a big music cue like he's terribly bored. Which, in fairness, I'm sure he is, but he also just woke up, so as soporific as Amy is, that's probably not why he's yawning. (This time.) She goes on to talk about how Trump acknowledged the strength of her "track record." Bill interviews that Amy's ego is growing by the day, and to that I can only say, "Amen, brother." He says she has a bit of a "god complex." I think he means something more like "homecoming queen complex," but that might have come off as patronizing.

Amy now tells the guys the story of how she stabbed Nick in the front by naming Bill as her toughest competition in the Boardroom. Bill acts noncommittally grateful, chuckling over Trump's comment that they could just hand over the competition to Bill if she thought he was so great. Nick, on the other hand, stares coldly at Amy with seething, jealous resentment, or so the assembly of the scene would have you believe. He might just be thinking about how much he hates it when other people eat all the candy. Amy interviews that Nick might have been put off that she named Bill as the stronger player of the two of them, but she reiterates that if she could choose only one person to work with, she'd choose Bill. "If Nick can't sense that," she says, "then he's not as sharp as I think he is." Uh...yeah. Good one. Anyway, Amy goes on to talk disbelievingly in the kitchen about how in the Boardroom, you get grilled about every little thing. Troy and Kwame are like, "Yeah, we've only done it eight times, bitch, so we're happy to hear about any wisdom you might be able to impart." But what Kwame actually says, which I was surprised they showed, was a chipper little, "Well, there you go. Popped your Boardroom cherry, isn't that great?" HA! If you didn't get the edge on that comment of the "cry me a river, Miss Whiny-Pants" variety, then you're not as sharp as I think you are.

As Nick picks up around the bedroom, he voices over, "She didn't have to say that in the Boardroom," presumably referring to the calling out of Bill and semi-dissing of Nick. He says he's not sure what the "angle" of doing that was, whether she was doing a "watch out, Nick," or if she actually thinks Bill is a stronger player than he is. I think this possibility goes down hard with Nick, to say the least. He and Amy say good night, and she says something semi-encouraging about how they're going to do great on the next task, and they shake hands limply and go off to their bedrooms. I'll tell you, for a pretty girl, she has a lot of hideous clothing and very bad posture. Furthermore, they have less chemistry than anyone, ever. I have more chemistry with Nick from here, not even liking Nick, than Amy does inside that apartment while she's lolling about trying to convince everyone (including him) that he's in love with her.

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