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The penthouse and the doghouse

The moon falls toward the horizon, and then it's the next morning. Plants are being carried, sidewalks are being washed clean of accumulated dog poo...just another morning in Manhattan. In S4, Amy answers the ringing silver phone. Kwame explains, as he and Troy get ready at the two facing sinks, that they had to get ready to meet Trump in the penthouse at Trump World Tower. As Troy and Kwame hang out pre-task, Troy asks Kwame if he's going in the clothes he's wearing. "I look good!" Kwame says in mock-protest. Hee. This leads into the Troy/Kwame friendship sequence, in which they engage in affectionate horseplay -- or a mesmerizing homoerotic dance of love, depending on your perspective. Troy talks about what good buddies they are, and praises Kwame highly for his education and people skills. He adds, "I'm proud to say that my toughest competition is also one of my closest friends." The two of them wrestle around the apartment as Kwame says, "Troy and I do have a relationship." Bets are paid off around the country. He says that their friendship does give them a slight advantage in "looking out for each other," as we see the two of them rattling around the apartment talking about what they're going to wear. Kwame approves Troy's tie and irons his own shirt. Bill interviews that Troy and Kwame indeed "have forged quite a friendship," so it's pretty clear that he's the odd man out to at least some degree. "I'd be a fool not to take that into consideration," he says. Everyone leaves for the task.

As they wait on the 90th floor (not remotely down in the depths), the music suddenly trumpets, and then the elevator doors open and Trump, Carolyn, and Bernie step off. "You're not going to believe what you're going to see," Trump tells the candidates as he leads them down the hallway to the penthouse door. He says they are about to see "luxury living in Manhattan." He opens the door and leads them inside. What the penthouse is, in fact, is a giant empty space, which has some nice features and nice wood floors, but is all about its glorious windows. It has enormous, many-feet-high windows in several directions, gazing out over Manhattan. (It breaks my heart, incidentally, that the first thing I thought, after "My God, what a gorgeous view," was how terrified I would feel all the time up at the top of that building.) The candidates gaze, awestruck, out the windows.

And now, the task portion of our program. Trump explains that Bernie, the Primary NotGeorge, is again covering for George, who is again away on business. Sigh. George doesn't really love us; he only cares about his job. Stupid job. Bernie and Carolyn will, as usual, be monitoring the teams during the task. And what is the task? Well, their assignment is to rent out the penthouse for an evening for a special event of some kind. The minimum price is $20,000. Trump claims that it's now 9:00 AM, and the task will end at 7:00 PM, so they only have the day to get the place rented. The team that gets the highest price for the space will win the task. Losers? Go to the Boardroom. The winners, on the other hand, will go on the Trump jet to Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach for lunch. Trump turns all smirky-smirk to Nick and Amy, pointing out that this would be a nice lunch for the two of them -- "very romantic." Nick plays it off, but Trump isn't done. He asks Nick if there's a relationship there, explaining that it came up in the Boardroom last night. Nick, laughing, says, "We have a good business relationship, and sometimes we engage in meaningful conversation." Okay, I thought that was a little bit funny, even though I don't much care for him or for Amy. But anyway. Trump compliments Nick on his effectively evasive answer, and then we move on. Incidentally, Trump is wearing a copper-colored shiny tie in this sequence that's very un-Trump, to me. Although I wouldn't have known he wore as much pink as he does prior to the show, either.

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