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The penthouse and the doghouse

Troy interviews that he's the PM on this task. He says that he knows that his paper résumé isn't as impressive as some of the other guys, and he doesn't have as much formal education. He's looking to make an impression, therefore, outside of the way things look on paper. The Protégé boys sit in the corner of the penthouse, and Troy says that he wants to think about what other amenities they can offer, besides the space itself. He interviews that he really doesn't want to get this far into the competition and then fall short. "That'd crush me," he says. Oh, don't say that, Troy. You should never let yourself be crushed by Donald Trump. It's just wrong. ["Just ask Ivana. THANK YOU AND GOOD NIGHT!" -- Sars]

Downstairs in the lobby of the Trump World Tower, both teams hit their Space Communicators and start making calls, primarily to event planners. Troy calls someone. Nick calls someone. Troy explains that they've set up several meetings during the day to try to seal the deal. Bill tells someone on the phone that the penthouse is 5500 square feet, which makes me laugh, because my old apartment would have fit into that penthouse ten times. That explains why I used to have such a hard time getting $20,000 when I tried to rent it out for parties. Bill tries to describe the Trumpenthouse views on the phone, which is a nice try,, you've got to get the people up there. Because you can't really explain those windows; they must be experienced. As Protégé heads for a meeting with the person who normally leases the space, Kwame tells the other guys that he thinks they need to find out what the normal lease price is, what kind of pitch she uses to sell it, and so forth. In the office of Elaine, the director of sales, she explains that it rents in approximately the $40,000 range. Boyfriend Bill interviews that it's a lot of money and a big commitment, and it's not easy to convince somebody to sign on for that kind of money in a short time. He thinks the key will be "finding the right person at the right time." Oh, isn't everything. Furthermore, I'm fascinated by the tube Boyfriend Bill is toting around, which looks just like the one that the Brady Bunch ran all over King's Island looking for back in the day. I'm not sure what he has in it, but it would be really funny if it were a poster of Yogi Bear.

Nick and Amy are first to actually show a woman into the penthouse. "Oh, my God," she says. We watch them show it to a few different folks, as Amy interviews (in a long sweater I hate that makes her look dumpy) that she thinks the best way to sell the penthouse is "to open the door and let the client create the vision." Bleh. I hate people who say thinks like "create the vision," because...honestly. You have one day. It's not a vision-creating situation. Nick, on the other hand, wants to help people think about how they might use the space, and seems to be more of a "help them visualize" guy. So as he takes people through the penthouse, he has more of a tendency to gesture and suggest things like putting the music over there, the bar over here, and so forth. Amy admires the party planners so much that she thinks that Nick is "hinder[ing] their imagination." Of course, they're professionals, and if they have that much vision, they're going to ignore anything they don't like. And also? Party planners. I mean, yes, they're talented and creative. But Nick isn't impeding the sculpting of Venus de Milo, if you see what I'm saying.

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