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The penthouse and the doghouse

This is as good a time as any to point out that for some reason, they decided to create the illusion that this was all done in one day, but either the weekly dossier or your common sense will tell you it wasn't. It was done over two days, which is made most obvious by the fact that Amy is wearing two completely different outfits. It's really not a very convincing illusion.

Anyway, having shown the Trumpenthouse to some people and not done all that well, Amy and Nick sit downstairs, where she is in a full pout. Finally, because he fails to ask her what crawled up her butt, she "gently" asks him whether he thinks it's a good idea for them to point out things about where the band or the food or the couches would go. "Sometimes I think we should just shut up and listen," she says, putting just enough punch and just enough smirk on "shut up" that he can't miss how much of a shot she just took at him. And, of course, by "we," she means "you." Amy herself never needs to shut up, as far as she is concerned, which is just another reason Amy and I are very different. "Trust me, that's the way you operate," he says. "Why?" she says. "Because you just feel 'em, you know, what people are thinking." She rolls her eyes without actually rolling them, and then she sniffs out a little, "If you say so." I think what he was trying to say was that in sales, you try to anticipate where people are going and what they want and then you try to lead them. At least I think that's what he meant. It's hard to tell sometimes with Nick, because his smarm gets in the way. They continue pouting in the lobby.

The title card after the commercials says "Passion." Trump is seen addressing some group of people, and he tells us that it's impossible to be successful at anything you don't have passion for. If you're doing something you don't have passion for? Quit it! Quit it, you people doing boring jobs! Just quit it! You could all be moguls! What are ya, chicken?

With six hours and 35 minutes left in the task, Protégé heads to a café for a team meeting. Troy tells the guys that he really isn't looking to deliver a romantic getaway to Nick and Amy. They talk about coming up with a sales strategy, and Troy introduces the idea of having a salesperson and then a "closer." Bill interviews that he wasn't familiar with this kind of two-stage negotiation, and he wasn't sure how it would work. We then see Bill acting as the sales guy, explaining to someone about the very high ceilings and the beautiful views. It has five and a half bathrooms, among other things. ["[Sob.]" -- the entire New York City viewership, past and present] He chuckles in the interview that it was like being the guy on the front end of selling a car. Bill offers them some information about getting a fireworks show put on, and that does seem like it would be very cool with that view. Bill voices over that he was the one who gave the full sales routine to the clients. Then, when they were excited about the property, they'd be "handed off" to Troy for the deal-making. See, I would find that really off-putting. If I were in a sales situation and I developed a good reputation with a likable and seemingly trustworthy guy like Boyfriend Bill, and then they sent me off to a room with Troy, that would irritate me. I would want to finish with the guy I started with. Bill does seem to admire Troy's tenacity with the potential buyers. "He was not going to let them leave until they signed that paper," he smiles.

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