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The penthouse and the doghouse

In the meeting, Troy tells the first prospects that he's shooting for something "in the $30,000 range." Criminy, Troy, the lady told you it already was renting for $40,000! Start at least there, sweetheart. "Oy vey," says the lady. Troy laughs and says that is his "favorite word now." And then he goes on, just exactly one step too far: "That and 'shalom.'" Oh, Troy. The lady lifts her cup of coffee or whatever and, being a good sport, tries to get Troy to say "L'chaim," but it's not working too well. Bill looks really distraught, but I'm not sure that's in context. He laughs in another interview, saying that he isn't sure sometimes how Troy says things "with a straight face." Yeah, I kind of agree. "It's just, it's a hundred miles an hour," he says. In the meeting, Troy tells the potential clients that he already has two firm offers on the place. Bill now interviews very quietly, standing with Kwame and being very quiet as if the clients are nearby, that sometimes, Troy seems to "talk himself out of the game." He goes on to say, "We're gently walking on that territory right now, because...he's lying." Note that Bill doesn't say Troy is a horrible person for lying; he mostly seems to be saying that Troy is overselling, and possibly setting up a bad situation. Because I understand that exaggerating the interest other people have in whatever you're selling is standard, and certainly playing up whatever competition there is can only work to your advantage. But I'll tell you this: if I caught somebody who was trying to sell me something as expensive as this doing something as blatant as this -- inventing "firm offers" when there is absolutely nothing of the kind -- I would never work with or buy from that person again. After all, if I can't believe a word you say, how can I negotiate with you?

Nick and Amy show the place to a guy as Amy interviews that they decided that it's such a high price anyway that bargain-hunters aren't exactly the target demographic. So they decided to set a "high target," and they open by telling this guy that they've "entertained offers upwards of $40,000." I have no idea whether there's any truth to that -- probably not -- but again, she's phrasing it a little more softly than Troy is doing with the other lady. The guy seems mildly amused. "I think if you get $40,000 for this space...job well done. I don't think it's worth 40." He leaves. In an interview at S4, Amy says that although it's a great space, nobody pays anything like $40,000 these days, and she wasn't hearing anything more than about $10,000. "They were laughing at us," she says. At this point in the story, however, a guy named Ian comes to look at the penthouse with Nick and Amy. He loves it, adores it, has to have it -- but he wants it for a New Year's Eve party, and since the lease restrictions require the person to be out by midnight, that's not going to work. I found that a funny idea, though. " New Year! 'Should auuuulld acquaintance --'" "Okay, everybody out, right now." Amy talks about being bummed about this "deal that was lost."

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